No más quejas es todo

    Or just do this[spoiler][spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]


I dig the Void just got mine prepped to hit legendary status, so hoping it looks cooler or grows horns or something random.


Lol. These drones were in the sprite file of the game, you know…

sprite 2316
sprite 2311
sprite 2306




Yes. I got it from the sprite file Elcent had given me


It looks like Zarkares’s Pet dog (Drone)




@Well: Why do you make a 2nd thread about the same demand as you have already done in another thread?

Did the replies to your first thread not please you where people like me told you that a physical drone without energy cost would have high heat cost or high weight or even both high heat cost and high weight?

Or were you not pleased with the result of your poll where the current state is just 55% to 45%?


Ok just a 2 cent opinion here.
The drones are light weight, specialy Greedy, so let’s not just say give us an energy free drone,like void,cause that would be unbalanced.
I would sugest proportion be added to the equation :slight_smile:
So Void, (29) 143-187 PysDmg -5 PysRes (16/16 Cost)
and CLASH (45) 103-135 ExDmg 36 HeatDmg -5 ExRes (0/31 Cost)
diference between them, 40-52 dmg, for void, 36 heat dmg for Clash, res drain same, sum of combine costs, 1 , not very relevant, 14kg diference for Void.
So now let’s ad this to make it a bit fair
Take heat cost of the energyless Void, and transfer it to heat, since you transfor a dual ressorce into a singular one, that provides crucial advantage , i say increase the cost of a singular resorce by 50%, of the merged resorse.
So the cost should be 16*1.50+16 =40 heat, should be fair.
So now for the dmg, well in this case make it substantialy reduced, since it should be paired to Clash, new dmg 103-135, sounds about right.
The kg diference, well that is a bit of pickle, it is dead spot 14 kg, that meens, almost a cooling booster, so increasing it’s weight becomes mandatory, to 45, but that wouldnt be quite fair, since well, now you can run a full free nergy phis mech, that sinergies well with all it’s wepons, so an aditional 3 kg should be enough, to the new weight of 48kg.
But here is the catch, and i know alot of you have seen this one from a mile away.
If Void becomes this, then Void becomes a dedicated drone to counter Energy, and nobody would use it against a heater,or a phis, they would just use the other drones that are better vs heat,phis and that costs energy.
So what we actualy do with this, is thrust a big one in the backs of Energies, while impacting very little the other types.
This will create a rupture, a big one, between the balance of the game, throwing energy mechs to the bottom of the food ladder.
For we all know that Energies primarly counter phis builds, by defanging(draining them), and then matching dmg+drain dmg to phis brut dmg, so if we add this 100-135 dmg/ turn in the phis builds, then they simply outdmg Energy.
Also keep in mind phis builds usualy have 400-900 more hp then Energy builds, and that their utility items pack quite a punch, 200 dmg, so now their combos become, 200+400+100 = 700+, atleast 2 times, hook and charge, plus the posible initial dmg of 2 spartans/NF/ NE NF, of about 700-800 dmg, gives them an overall dmg capability of 2100-2300+ in 3 turns.
So this ideea is bad from my point of view, and i know that will get me some hate, but we need to be fair and try to actualy cotribute to the balance of the game.


Good insights mate.
Concerning energy free physical weaponery, id rather have TSs team work on the useless premiums we have atm. Naming them: bloodweep, greedy and desert fury; these being low dmg, low weight and range covering, theyd make a good working base for phys users to pick build alternatives:
High dmg higher weight “but be carefull it sucks energy” vs low dmg, lower weight "energy? What is this?"
We cant and shouldnt have the “butter, the butter’s profit and the daughter of the milk man” (that sounds better in french)


He just got bumps because of the EMP.
He is actually half right. Equip 1 of these on each build, i think you wouldnt be disapointed, and youd very likely kick my a@#.


Good luck with that.
I see that happen in 10 years directly before the next SM reload makes all items from now till then useless - including that drone that will be released 1 day before the reload.


You have posted this way too many times.

Only reasonable phys drone that should be energy free is Greedy , Void can pack quite a pucnh for 16 energy.

So lets not make void energy free , but greedy


I agree… We need free energy phys drone… But… Heat heat heat…!!! build free energy heat to beat energies!


y si mejoras tu regeneracion? :v


say what now?
dude, the best tactic to beat a heat with a phy (which by the way there was a post made about this) is attack, cooldown, attack, cooldown etc because at the end you do more damage than heat in 2 turns, you have more hp and the heater can get you to shut down

heat damage is the lowest in the game since phy naturally has stronger weapons and energy has extra drain damage
so i’m pretty sure that phy damage outclasses heat damage


All drones should be free energy and free heat.

Drone is designed to create additional damage, is dependent and at the same time independent of mech. Therefore, it should not be affected by energy or by heat. Even when mech is overheated or all energy is drained, the drone should always work, in any of the 3 types of mech.

It would be an interesting feature in the game.


There are drones that by force need to have some disadvantage if it would not be very easy
And the void really does not need to be de-energized. It’s really fine as this does its job well.


No, it wouldn’t.

Just imagine the pain caused by a faceshocker that didn’t cause heat, or energy?
It would be a disaster. For energy mechs (that have to face it) for heat mechs, and physicals.

The same for the other drones. Void isn’t energy free because void does the most damage. Greedy should be energy free, but that doesn’t mean the same for all drones
(Especially since physical is very powerful in the top ranks right now, an energy free void would kill even harder.)


The greatest damage can be done by any energy weapon once it drains energy.

A phys mech requires at least 2 heat modules and 3 energy modules (to resist 2 turns, the third one runs out of energy) + resistance module, which leaves only 2 slots to place HP plates.

Phys is vulnerable to both heat and energy and his only defense is a high HP and the strength of the damage. What is happening now is that, for a phys to achieve a high HP value, even with platinum, it must sacrifice either heat or energy and that isn´t good.

If you don´t have platinum, then it´s much more complicated.