No más quejas es todo


a question according to your comparison then the heat mechs that do not use energy work with:

  • firewood
  • carbon
  • steam
  • natural gas


ou just gave me an idea… what if they made a new weapon for heat (and possibly phy) that’s steam punk style or steam based?


I think making an energy free phyical drone would be nice.

                               Knuckle sandwich 



they should also make a heat version called “incinerator”


It would not be fun a minigame where your mech worked with those materials… :rofl:


They probably work with spices :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Standard heat mech with its pilot




how do you do that title thing?


A no energy drone is like

90-130 dmg
-4 resistance
No energy cost but 50 heat cost


Incinerator is an awesome name, but in my mind is Infernus

139-247 dmg
+59 heat
-10 explosive resistance
-21 energy cost
+70 heat cost

I think I should quit doing these


tbh it would just be a heat version of face shoker


Exactly! Now we need a Physical version (OH HELL NO IMAGINE THE DMG)


what i mean is that it would have no energy cost since face shoker doesn’t have heat cost (as far as i remember)


Oh, all I did was change the hue.


no, i know that
i mean how did you do the “incinerator” title?


I agree


Oh, then probably

139-247 dmg
+59 heat
-10 explosive resistance
+70 heat cost
42 weight


ok, that seems a bit better, i gtg to sleep but i’ll be back tomorrow probably being like "no wait, face shoker had a different cost!"


Lel, anyways goodnight, sleep tight, and let the bed bugs bite!

Oh I hit space four times