No más quejas es todo


llega un punto en que solo quiero ofrecer, nuevas mecánicas de juego, ya no creo quejarnos sea la solución.


lol you’d be saying buff items if you were a heat mech
void is good as it is, it’s the strongest drone, it deserves that energy cost
what the devs should do is release a energy free phy drone, not buff void

and they should nerf energy, that thing is way too op
they should give some love to heat, not necessarily phy right now


Agreed but isn’t Void good as it is? I mean I am a physical main and I think it’s just fine


If the energy is removed from the empty drone, it has to be a cost and as much as possible it has the same weight as a heat-type drone.


actually it should have to gain weight and cost since it would be stronger than a heat drone, have no heating, but also have no energy cost which is like changing the heating into damage for a heat drone
is just like MB and CL that have the same weight, or savagery and Hysteria
in other words void is as good as it is, no need for buffs or nerfs
all we need is a new energy free phy drone


taking off the energy cost is like buffing the drone, it’ll only make it stronger since you can use it even after being drained dealing the highest damage of any drone

so you should probably stop thinking everyone is hallucinating just like you are


what part of reducing the energy cost is just buffing it didn’t you get?

wait, i think i got it…

quitarle el costo de energía es prácticamente un buff


If phys gets an energy free drone, which it doesn’t need, it should have damage of windforge.


Hands off from Void. It’s the best physical drone and theres no need of buff/nerf, it’s really balanced. It would be good if they add a new drone with no energy cost. Void free energy would be a dream come true


sorry i can´t understand you, please may you speak in english :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:


I said that?? when? where?

ok… :joy:


if we use the logic in this case, any element that uses bullets has a mechanism of mechanical type does not require energy for can to be used

unless it makes another kind of additional effect on the enemy.

Can you imagine that the AK-47 needed energy?

the soldiers: "wait, my batteries ran out, who have some type AAA alkaline batteries of spare? "


they do not shoot bullets, they shoot “energy capsules” and “heat capsules”.:joy::wink:


I refer to weapons in general that use bullets.

this error was corrected since the last version, physical weapons do not use energy.
in this version they put energy back again.
they are advance 1 step and go 2 steps back.


What about transforming Greedy into an energy-free drone ?
As a premium drone, it should be more powerful than Void, but currently it’s not so. Greedy needs a buff and the pys mechs need an energy-free drone. If think we can kill two birds with one stone!

@ShadowOfDeath Compare your mech as a modern tank. You need energy to turn your mech on and to make it move. There is so much electronic (to spot, to pilot, to aim, to fire) in modern tanks that they are energy-dependent (just as modern cars). Moreover, enemy mechs probably have bulletproof armor (like VIP cars) so you can see the add of energy/heat in pys weapons as necessary to penetrate them.
The last but not the least: can you imagine Nightfall as energy-free ? This weapon is already very good so without energy we need to nerf the damage. And Nightfall will simply becomes an Anni for range 2-4.
A new energy-free pys weapon for range 3-6 would be better to go with Anni (Pys mechs lack of range 3-6 side weapons).


do I really need to waste my time explaining why physical doesnt need a boost against energy?

I think if anything heat vs phys has it worse off but sure let’s hunt the energy op witch one more fucking time then shall we. why don’t you hit the muh double valient classic while we’re at it.

■■■■ it, I’m in #nophysdroneenergywoke #bandwaggon.


that’s why this game does not have the characteristics you mention, it’s a game from the early 90’s
No advance on a flat stage, forward to back, ready!

The EMP seems logical to you.

description: start the game, shoot EMP.

game over.

electric mech win… fatality!!


How to counter EMP :

  • with an energy mech, use Hot Flash
  • with a heat mech, use energy-free weapons
  • with a pys mech, use no cost weapons

Am I wrong somewhere ?


yes, you forgot pray to not get energy broken
but besides that you got it covered


Seraph blade was nerfed… we need free energy phys drone.