No legendaies on level up :c

I hate that fact I only one who unlucky at level up boxes.
20, 30, 40, 50… 140, 150…
I at 130 and have NOT received ANY legend from the level up box…
I think the way is pay to win, anyway, nowhere to get free legends… if you f2p…
Maybe increase the chance to get a legendary more from level up (20, 30, 40, 50…) box?

There is a way to get free legends - from fortune boxes. These drop from bosses, and many people farm Ramboy (the first boss) just to get it. The chances are pretty low, but its a possibility all the same. And, of course, you can earn tokens through daily challenges, daily login, clan rewards, and raid. So, F2P has a chance… just a pretty small one.

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too fun.
I never drop fb for 3 months…
It`s impossible to me to get :frowning:

My condolences. Hopefully your luck will get better, mine is as bad as yours (my wallet is just bigger, thats all…). :+1:


:thinking: :+1:
thx for courage

I’m at 117 and neither have I gotten a single legendary…

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lv 117 as well i got 1 at lv 100, but it was a max leg item (myth food)

I got legendaries at lvl 40, 45, 50, and 60. Maybe you had bad luck?

Just to make sure:
You did boss missions like 1. area: The Dry Land - Mission 6, 2. area: Scavenger Pass - Mission 7 and so on, right?

Preferably at Insane Mode for seemingly higher drop rates for boxes.

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I thought you said you were 117 years old :joy:


I doing every boss run every week.
Today I runned on ramboy - danger zone, normal - insane difficulity.
Results: alot of shiny… rare, alot of useless commons, and epic.
1 epic.
Sentence: I get more epic for 3rd “Overlords den” mission Insane run.