No item boxes from missions?

Yesterday I played all day on the portal (finished easy and farmed hard-cannot believe anyone can complete insane) and reached a point where I stopped receiving item boxes (8 times in a row) and stopped.
Tonight I completed portal hard mode twice without any item boxes so I went back farming OD6 insane mode. Upon my first try (success) I received an item box, 10 more times I completed same campaign mission (in succession-11 in a row) and received no more item boxes.

Is there an item box bug right now?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever met you so…


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Its just bad luck (RNG)

Nothing to be worried about

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Hello Sean,
Nice to meet you to :blush:

Ty Techno,
Bad luck huh? Ok, kinda wished it was a bug but such as my life, thanx again.

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