No Fix Yet. Why the delay?

Ok , I gave a simple solution of giving everyone their Tokens back again from past donations.

This is a simple fix , No programming .

I do not think the developers have taken this into consideration fully.

Not only would this fix the issue with the current players that are not happy. It would also bring back players who left the game because they have tokens to try something new.

This is easy. Why has it not happen yet ?

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Sarah told me… the devs are thinking of a “solution” for next week, that will settle the “thousands of legacy items” problem.

I doubt this will be a satisfactory solution though, so I’m ready to pursue this further. :wink:

But I’ll wait until then.


I am with you. I will wait to Sunday.

they too greedy to let the fusion costs go so they thinking of another “solution” which will prob take alot of time cause, you know…greedy af

if I had my tokens back I would not care about Fusion cost short term.

I think that part of the issue here is the lack of a statement from the devs. Something that simply says “we’ve read and are at least thinking about it”. I may have missed it though…

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fair enough, thanks. I hope they attend on fixing the Armor games bug… We still are unable to play… all i see is a ticking clock…

i was getting hyped until she mentioned the “try to get rid as many as possible” part…

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its Sunday , time for the tactisoft team to spit out the plan.

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