No Energy Mechs

This is not a rounded build. It is just a build built around not using energy but there’s a lot of players that describe this as rounded. It is not rounded. You’re choosing to not use any energy which makes this not rounded.


So, what’s your point? What’s that supposed to mean?


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If the mech does not need any Energy (cos built with all energy free weapons), WHY the builder should use Energy :question:

And on a serious sidenote: “rounded” can be interpreted in different directions :exclamation:



Looks rounded to me,
a giant grey egg head on tooth picks, can’t get more rounded than that… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Just an observation. There’s a lot of people that are upset there isn’t more rounded builds and too many counter mechs.

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I get your point but i also think you’re wrong. a rounded build IMO has solid energy and heat. these mechs don’t have this. they are almost never have any energy at all.

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“Rounded” usually points builds that can face any elemental. Opposed to counters that can (by design) only face 2 or even 1 type of opponents.

When your weapons do not need energy to fire, there is literally no need to equip elec modules. Yet you can still face elec opponents -> rounded.


The definition of rounded is defined by popular opinion.

A rounded mech is one which can deal with any types, regardless of it’s modules setup or weapons.

It’s your opinion versus what’s well taken as fact since the BETA, you can’t just come here and say “I’m right and you all are wrong” like that man.


Rounded: Well developed in all aspects; complete and balanced.
By definition a mech with no energy is not well balanced or “rounded” I get the point like i said above. it’s just not a rounded design. If it were rounded it would be well developed with energy. one could argue to reduce damage done by having no energy and getting hit with let’s say an EMP.

Most high ranked players including yourself use this design and it works well. It’s simply not rounded.

One could also argue that this is a counter design to a degree. You are countering energy mechs by simply not employing any energy weapons. It works well against all mechs because you only have to focus on defending against heat and physical at that point.

Again i get the point of it and have a no energy mech of my own. But it ain’t “rounded” :wink:

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I currently use 2 builds.
Both can successfully face all 3 elementals
And, sometimes disregarded, both can successfully face opponents of all range.
I believe both to be some of the most versatile builds seen in the current arena.

You: “nah, they arent rounded”



You did read the definition right? And you did read that i understand that it’s a build that works right? such a grumpy guys LG :wink: It’s just an observation that i’m right about when you look at the definition. They ain’t rounded my man. They work but by definition, having mechs with no energy is not “well developed in all aspects”.

So it would be

To use elec modules on a builds which doesnt need any to fire?

:face_with_monocle:, ok.


Try to actually read this before replying. you’re just not getting it and that’s okay! I’ll try to explain it to you in a little more detail.

“Rounded” would have solid energy and heat and all the elements combined into to 1 mech. If you have a mech with let’s say 32 energy. Well that’s not rounded. an EMP or some other high energy damage weapon will do increased damage. when you punt completely on energy you’re simply not rounded by definition.

It’s not all about your weapons. there’s more that goes into it. Again i will say that this build works very well for the most part… It just ain’t rounded.

Are you kinda understanding now?

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lmao you're trash - talking yourself because you're replying to yourself
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@lordgorgon sorry, see above :wink:

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Dude. When you not equip engines you put more hp, more hp= more time for dmg dealing against energy mechs, same with energy modules, you just take time for damage dealing. And instead of overheat mechanic you still able move and do what you want.