No daily rewards after changed name!


I have changed my in-game name 2 days ago, and now I don’t receive any daily rewards any more. They just don’t appear!
Please fix the bug!


I am trying to reproduce this so will only know the answer tomorrow.


You might be on at the time they give daily rewards , they get sent to your ‘‘unclaimed boxes’’ if its a box , if its tokens / ernergy / coins they will be added.


Do check this. Your name is just a small bit of saved data, it shouldn’t affect anything at all (not anymore than gaining xp does, anyhow) unless something huge has been changed.

Did you do anything else, by the way? Such as for example linking a new account or changing device or…? Also, could you perhaps share your name (or if this is private: if it contains anything strange)?

It might help Sarah and the devs, it’s possible they’ve already found out the cause but if they didn’t, any info helps them!


Love to see you in the SM area.