No chat before first shot

I get it sometimes you get a match that you have no chance to win so you quit that is fine.
I do not mind when that happens. You quit you don’t waste my time or yours no harm done.
What I hate though is when I get cussed out or called names before they quit, it takes them most of a round to type the insults then they just leave wasting both our time.

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Sorry op pink machine

Lol. That’s what comes with being ridiculously overpowered… You shouldn’t even be allowed to be legal.

it’s not really the trash talk that gets me…it is stuff like this one guy who says “B#tch noob donator, fu” before he quits, that bothers me… When what he should say is “thank you miss for paying for a game that I play for free…”

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I much prefer “no reward for you” over being cussed out lol.

Lol…well yeah. Cussing out there is no need for that. You paid your way to the top. At least I hope you did.

I think I said no free gold …

The cussing should be taken as a compliment

Toxic Doll has two overpowered energy drain top weapons. Valiant Sniper. Not one but two. He also has the overpowered Cold Flame Thrower. And the Electricity Shotgun. Lmbo. He expects people not to cuss him out before they quit. Lol. Whenever I face him I just laugh because fighting him is a waste and it will only benefit him if you stay in the fight.

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She has, lol im a girl.

So basicly what I am reading in this, is because I support the game I deserve to be cussed out. And people feel there should be no strong or weak mechs we all should be equal everyone should be able to beat anyone no matter how much time or money you put into it? You also forget that because I had over 2000 items from before the update ( i was kind of a collector) I had a really big advantage too because really all I need is gold and the item and its instant maxed. Transformations are a pain though…

I mean can you imagine how much money it will take a new player without the stock of legacy items to make a fully fused mech? It would be a few $1000 at least. And if they go the time investment way it will take them a year of farming at least.

When I get beat by a stronger player, I lose large streaks and usually drop 2 or 3 places in the top rankings. And I say GG. When someone with nothing but unfused epics and a legendary calls me the b word for them losing the star that is keeping them in rank 1, to me that is a bit much in my opinion.

Keep it humble … you said you are a f2p player… now you are a suporter? Hmm seams a bit strained… and you lose to other players? Imposible, altho i must admite, 2 valiant snipers and 2 blue flamers… out of the blue like that… befor this week tou didnt have them… and now boom, seams a bit suspicios to new guys.

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I had both on my 2nd mech i even told you i did like 4 days ago… @El_Metre you are a troll and trying to start crap…
Is this not you 3 days ago talking to me about it? And I have never once said I am a free player I am a mix of donor and farmer i have premium items so how could I be a f2p??

And I am humble i get beat all the time… You have a anti energy mech you use and beat me with whenever you see i’m on. Rising and you beat me in 3v3 all the time and there are others who make my mech look like crap I am not the strongest in the game, maybe I’m in the top 15 though…
And you are one to talk about “suspicios” mister “i spent $200” and have 3 fully fused mythic mechs.

Want to see my cheat code? This is why i say you’re full of crap when you say you spent $200 and have 3 fully fused mechs.

Ha ha ha ha… anti-energy… you are a noob then. You first chalanged me here, with your coment that you would win most of the fights against me. I told you stay humble or … and i showed tou what. You started trash talking that i prepared for you, and that is all o do. I told you it is just my build, and how i play, my mechs arent atnti-anithing… i beat phis and heaters just the same. Its a win/lose game. Some people curse u, some admire you, It ia just how life goes, some like u… some don’t… tou move on. You dont come to a forum looking for recognition of how good you are. You seam to lack common sense, also humbleness, you want to be liked and admired? Do good and dont brag… be nice and help others. I helped you, didnt I? And now you call me names? That is what a hiphocrit does, are u one?

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@El_Metre when I challenged you, your mechs were 400 ish energy when you came to fight you had over 500 energy and super low heat so it kind of made me think you built it to beat energy mechs guess I was wrong

I admire you dont get me wrong your one of the strongest players in the game. But you also act like I am some kind of cheater and told me i was dead inside so it’s kind of admire and dislike…

And I did not come here asking for recognition I came here because i’m sick if wasting a minute of my life while some stranger cusses me out for having a stronger cartoon mech.

I called you no names once you insinuated that I am a CHEATER I POINTED OUT YOU ARE NOT ABOVE SUSPICION.

And I hope that i proved I am not a cheater… stupid for spending money on a game maybe, cheater no…

I [quote=“ToxicDoll, post:10, topic:5781, full:true”]
She has, lol im a girl.
I totally do not care.

Getting cursed is awesome. It means you are good. Don’t listen to el meatball. He gets a little pissy sometimes.


was not talking to you miss.