No boxes from Campaign Bosses Anymore?

So far I’ve tried 3 BigBoys and 6 RamBoys in the hopes of getting items for upgrades. I haven’t seen a single box pop up, just gold and xp. I just need to ask, was this supposed to happen in the update?


Yes it seems they have reduced the chances to win a box in campaign missions. Its pretty bad. The chances of winning good items were already low enough and now its too low for me so I quit.

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Not only that, but it’s starting to bug out.

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Yeah, it bugs out on me too. Just ran 4 ramboys and 2 big boys, and got 2 boxes. There is no guaranteed boxes on bosses any more. This sucks, atleast i was getting crappy parts before, now im just getting none. Fix it so bosses always drop boxes again!

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I don´t know if after this “budget cut” there are still fortune boxes and all that …

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Sample is still small, but we are talking about severe nerf:

difficulty, nr_runs, nr_boxes

normal, 5, 0
hard, 3, 1
insane, 9, 3

difficulty, nr_runs, nr_boxes

normal, 5, 0 (low lvl char: 3 runs> 1 box)
hard, 9, 6
insane, 2, 1 (* to test if insane at least gives 90% chance - nope)

Sometimes box drops 3 items (but low quality)

Really shame that positive change - reward collection is faster - is totally ruined by this!

Just when I almost prepared to positively appreciate Kaen’s earlier topic ;( punch bellow belt

BTW, not a single fortune box in this sample


I’m fine without the fortune boxes because I have never gotten anything good out of them, but the fact that they nerfed the drop chance of regular item boxes is ridiculous.

Hmm that’s pretty bad. Yeah, was thinking “sweet, I’ll run Big Boy on Insane now and get a guaranteed epic with a good chance of legendary or something”, but instead it seems like they just lowered drop rates.

Hope this gets fixed. My only motivation to keep playing right now is a chance at a decent legendary drop.

Of course… gravity of this is multiplication: we are not getting legendaries, we are not getting fusion points - and I can notice even without this - mistake - I have to call it like that! - ingame interest is declining, less people active during the week. This update should be just opposite… more generous campaign and PvP resource wised… but no… logic is impeccable…
I am not talking for myself… au contraire… I can play 3v3 pretty well, but I won’t have anyone to fight against very soon…


It occurs to me that there are 2 developers with different ideas … when A is, improves everything. When A leaves and returns B, he erases everything the other did and it gets worse all …

It would be good if they looked for the middle point, neither more more nor less less…


Si la recompensa del modo insano, fuese una caja negra siempre que mates a bigboy, todavía lo pasas, pero si te dan una estúpida caja mixta por todo el tiempo te hacen perder, no vale la pena

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Probably a Husband and Wife situation by how bad things are getting, one doesn’t like what the other is doing and vice versa so to play the one up each other game pissing each other off we get screwed in the end.
:rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:


Hey now, my post was about people hating on my senpai Sarah. Not about devs doing something to make the game less fair for free players. And even this situation has nothing to do with Sarah. It’s about Mohadib releasing an update that takes away boxes from players and makes Campaign not worth playing.

I got a fortune box from ramboy. But it didnt cycle through the rarity colors like it usually does. It just opened up and gave me a grey rarity item and a blue rarity item.

so i am guessing i am not the only one, experiencing these “Lucky” drops… somehow, i feel a bit bend, slowly reaching for my ankels… and aspecting any time now… a black Mandingo…

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I was 7 drops out of 8 played today. 6 mixed boxes and 1 fortune box.