No box delivered

Some time ago he had reported it, but they ignored it. :unamused:

The problem continues, and not only happens to me, but to many users.

Is this always? No, it’s random.
It depends on the time delayed in the click, always random, it is like guessing when to stop the box of fortune so that it comes out legendary…

With luck you will touch the box up to 6 times in a row, while in others you may lose 3 in a row, at the end of any map mission.

Test of the beginning of January.

Test today.

After playing VS every 6 fights, with luck you get a MIX box, with common items, otherwise not even that.

Today I limit myself to reporting only the error of not receiving boxes, so as not to deviate from the subject.

I hope and you take it seriously, as it is a problem that has not been resolved for months.

Thank you for your attention, all have a good day.

@Sarah247 @Mohadib If you need more information, let me know.

a few months ago I got a legendary by day with big guy I got 5 legendary ones and since then I do not get legendary with big guy :frowning:


That’s not an error, you sometimes just don’t get boxes in a mission… a “feature”.

As for why it’s like that… well, just ask the developers. :slight_smile:

I have seen publications, saying:
Oh look, I receive this, in the box “X” for passing level.
I from pass level 80, until now that I’m in 133, I have not received any boxes. By passing from level.
That’s what pisses me off, because others yes, and I do not?

It’s only on a few levels that you get boxes, with a guarantee epic or sometimes legendaries … I don’t know which all levels give but I had got one from level 70

You know half of the game is still a mystery… I doubt if the devs themselves know what all code they typed into this game lol


i barely get box from leveling up.

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It is every 10 levels.

As in a premium box (i got 1 legendary (doesn’t go to myth) and rest epics so far at lv121.

i never got legendary every 10 lv, only bae epics, which I already have.