NO BONUS VIDEOS...Does TacticSoft Even Care?

It’s been quite a while since I posted about this bug:

Whenever I try to get any kind of bonus by watching a video, I never get to the video.

It freezes on the spinning (loading?) arrows and stays there no matter how long I leave it there; two hours at one point (I was at work and did work things while waiting).

This is happening on a Win10 system as at work as well as a Linux Ubuntu system at home, both running Chrome.

@sarah247 PLEASE HELP!!!


May I remind you that Chrome has a built-in adblocker?
No matter the operating system.

Ads are not being blocked otherwise, and it started falling without my changing anything within Chrome.
So you may, indeed, remind me, but that is not the issue.

I have also reported the same problem …

There is no reward for watching videos, or videos do not appear directly…

As well as the almost null delivery of boxes, after playing missions

The only thing I can say for sure, is that this started after the famous autopilot on the map.

And something really useless, because if we apply it to the portals for example, even if you have the best mech you lose.
The AI is really stupid, both in plays, as well as when using the repair kits. While I apply them after staying with 30% of life, the automatic system often uses them when you still have 80% of hp.

It seems that they do not really care about our opinion to the staff, although we complain and present evidence to help improve, no one responds and does not fix anything that does not have to do directly with PvP.


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