Nightfall damage 20% buff

I don’t know how to calculate, so I would like to know the damage of a max mythical Nightfall with 20% arena shop buff.


It’s probably gonna be extremly damageble.

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Yea I know.

But I want to know the exact stats though

???-??? Physical damage.

I’m not that phys user.
Soo ask top players.


I don’t own Nightfall at max myth, but its probably 300-400+ someting from what I remember.

just multiply the damage by a factor of 1.20 and you got the exact numbers i guess?

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I still dont know why she/he wants this stats so bad …

Stats for Nightfall myth max:

NIGHTFALL (weight: 49) 2-4 Range 248-366 PysDmg -11 PysRes 3 Uses (31/31 Cost)

–> Therefore real max damage with 20% bonus (not the incorrectly shown max damage in PvP)
1.2 * 366 = 439.2 = 440 physical damage

P.S.: List of all available myth items in the starting post of the following thread here:

My advice to everyone:
Bookmark that starting post!
It will help you a lot when looking for stats of any myth item in the future


------------__________------------ Good reason !

442 damadge good damadge

In reality NF with 20% is shown at 416 (in combat).

Although on some rare occasions, you can see that 440+ damage, I manage 490 last night, alveit at -46 res.

Minimum Damage * Bonus Value = 248 * 0.2 = 49.6 = 50

Now add that value to maximum damage:
50 + 366 = 416

The issue lies with TS only being able to add one constant value to the shown damage range.
As such they currently add the bonus on the minimum damage to the value range.
Hence what is shown is:
(Minimum Damage + Bonus on Minimum Damage) - (Maximum Damage + Bonus on Minimum Damage)

But the actual calculation is done like this:
RNG on damage from minimum to maximum = Damage dealt without bonus -> Actual damage = Damage dealt without bonus * (1 + bonus).

So the actual max damage lies at:
366 * (1 + 20%) = 366 * 1.2 = 439.2 = 440

As TS seemingly can only add one constant value into the damage range shown they probably decided to use the minimum one because that way no one can complain about dealing less damage than shown.

And if the weapon deals more damage than is shown the player would be happy and not complain about it, right?

Btw. you can see the argument about my calsulations in the thread I made when I first noticed SeraphBlade dealing more damage than it should have been able to here:


I’ve read your Seraph blade thread, solved my questions. So I have no doubt to believe your statement here, makes sense as well!

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490 - 46 = 444
444 > 416
So,even with/without res,the true damage is higher than what’s shown (416).
Just wanted to point that out for the others :slight_smile:

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Deals 400+ Damage at 20% Buff