Nickname copied. I request help from the community


Hi guys and ladies! I don´t know why any player can copy your nickname in the game. But it happens. And this brings some problems.

At this time there is another player who appeared in the game about 10 days ago with the same nickname as me “Wepwawet”.

Another player (whose name I wont to remember), is using it to send false screen captures to developers in order to attribute me sayings and actions that I didn´t do.

I request that if someone remembers seeing this player in the chat, say it here or send a PM to Sarah. Better still if you save some legitimate screenshot with the nickname and identification number of this player. This false “wepwawet” was part of the HTK clan last week, for more data. It appeared without a flag.

Thanks for your help!


That’s all good.
Thank you very much.

Ignore these.
I will say that everyone knows you if you are:

  1. Rank 1
  2. At great clan
  3. Know your stuff’s.
    That’s all.


Is it this person? because I saw them pop up a few weeks ago. I had assumed it was probably an old account of yours (although apologies for that mistake).


Yes!!! This is what I wanted !!! Thank you very much!! You are great dear.


With this data, if Sarah wants, she can look up the IP address, so that she sees that we are not the same person. Thank u!


I know how you feel, i’m already used to. This was one of the bad points of having my channel, but i tell you to don’t concern much youself about 'em. People know the real WepWaWet, specially for the medals and the clan.

Impersonation is the most pure form of appreciation.


Never had someone impersonate me :disappointed_relieved:


Kind of a common nick thought…


The issue is that in this case they are using it in order to present false evidence.


No problem, always happy to help!

hopefully Sarah and them when they come back can help you out!


Watch, if someone isn’t smart enought to realize it’s not real Wepwawet, they really don’t need your attention…


I don’t think I need to tell you who that is. I think you should be very familiar with it already.



Sneakiness 100


Well, no. It’s the first time this happens to me.


Actually someone copied my nickname does not seem so serious. The downside is that it is being used for the purpose of sending false screenshots.


Who cares, dead game.


consider that you lost your cyber virginity. :wink:
with me this thousand, one hundred and eleven times was :rofl::laughing:

don’t worry, keep the fighting cat.

not photoshop - take a closer look.


I’m doing that. Although I loses the claws in the attempt.


claws grow back, become stronger and sharpen



One thing is to copy a nickname… but another thing is to use the copied nickname to try and accuse the original owner about devious works.
Basicly fakeing evidence and trying to frame the original owner of the nickname.
Sad, dirty, obsessive, abusive tactics here, in a sickening atempt to compromise a beloved player of our comunity.