Nice reward from 21 day box


Mkay…still saying that rank 3 is alitle bit top player thing.

Rank 1 is that matters right now


Rank 1 is high rank. Top players are steady top 20…


Soo we’re all wrong i guess lol.


Yes. Perspectives are different indeed.


@Rovolution low key hanging around on the forum, waiting for me to be roasted drunk… psychological warfare.
Will work.


Haha timeframe plays in my favour sometimes… I don’t really have time to play and knowing my luck I’d lose to a 40ish something a drop 30 ranks lol…

But yeah I’m watching you!

Getting drunk :stuck_out_tongue:


God, semi drunk and now the wife is pulling me to the cinema to watch bohemian rapsody… will end up sleeping. Will wake up semi hangover after the movie… shet.


Haha enjoy the « could have been a great movie » with the wifey!

If you want to play on the way and lose only once you’d make your wife really proud to show her how more important she is !


I thought Canadians were nice people…


Oh I’m nice, to your wife :slight_smile:


Back and sober. God i miss the time where you could be ugly and a singer…


Freddy mercury was ugly? I always thought he was fairly attractive. (Speaking as a man here)


He had crazy charisma and wad attractive thays facts.
But vs todays standards hed be categorised because of his teath easiely.


get drunk and play now!
HTK needs you to play!
Get those points!



Youre a bad person Monsieur Rovolution.


Nah it’s my only chance to get first… most player see you first on their ranking screen so…

And too many vultures around to play :wink:


That may be why the battle button is this tempting…


You’ll win anyway and consolidate your pole position…

Or wait 120 minutes


Petit con



Je suis outré par la bassesse de tes propos!