Nice reward from 21 day box


I have mixed fillings about it, I’m happy that I’ve got legy from this, also I’m amazed because its my 1st L-M module and I’m sad because I have no use for it…


Its a very good module. Far better than its heat counter part. Caps at 134 when maxed fyi.
Cheers and nice loot.


We’ll see, maybe in the future I will find use for it


I got an energy mod from mine,as well.


That’s actually pretty useful tbh

(given I’ve gotten 4 leggy ene engines the last couple months from 21 day boxes)


Meanwhile, in some galaxy, far far ago…


I only have it ;.;


I got another Rolling beast… I don’t need anymore dammit I already have two maxed, Guess this is going to go to the Myth food for Shorty


I need it.


I need that energy engine, and the Maximum protector.


Nice, second to pp and claw


Its one of the best things for energy, Kitty, congrats.


Nope, claw has 3rd place, max prot 2nd :wink: You can make a mech without claw, but no PP or prots is a no-go in high ranks


I made two without PP, don’t know what you talking


I said high ranks :wink:


He meant 3-1.


I’m trying to get there :roll_eyes:
Btw, stop that wink please, i really hate it from Besty, so stop okay? thx :blush:


Even better, more like 2-1. Cause players who can keep at least rank 2 already end up in top ~80 of all players.

@DuduSantos ok :wink:


Fam rank 3 is also top original stuff.


Rank 3 is where I end up if I lame too much.