Newbies Tips: After Reloaded


Good job ! @TechnoDive I’ll add the link into my topic: Top Players Guide! [After SM Reload]


Edit 4 :

  1. Added a side note to engeneering
  2. Cleared misspells in tip 20


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Thank you Techno for this lovely piece of helpful information that would have taken you quite some time to make :+1:


Well done my dude. This is great help for both new players and lesser experienced veterans.


techy link this also to the guide.

It is transitional guide for newer players, so that they get a guideline towards what they wanna build.
And if they are lucky to get L-M items(alot of them), they can transition towards Rice’s guide:


@TechnoDive hi mate. Once again thanks for this. Pretty well done and usefull.
Maybe you can mention something like, “items to not waste if you are lucky to come across them, the keepers”.
Too many of us (me included), fed many rare items, not knowing their worth (especially early days of reloaded); and they never came back again… @Mr.E for exemple, feeding a myth savior to myth up a windigo etc…



There is one clarification you should make for the newbies about bonus points as it’s not just category that changes the points.
They can experiment without purchasing the fusion using the following guide lines.
You get the highest fusing points when using same category as well as mech type.
EXAMPLE= Explosive Torso on Explosive Torso OR Physical Torso on Physical Torso
Same goes for all other categories AND Mech Types

EPIC Electric Torso LVL 1 will get 4,200 points from fusing EPIC Electric Torso LVL 1
while EPIC Electric Torso LVL 1 will get 3,850 points from fusing Torso of Physical or Explosive

EPIC Electric Torso LVL 1 will get 3,850 points from fusing EPIC Electric Weapon LVL 1
EPIC Electric Torso LVL 1 will get 3,500 points from fusing EPIC Explosive or Physical Weapon LVL 1


i think the premium boxes has better drop chances.
i saved up 800 tokens 1 month ago. i got 3 premium pack. that makes 15 cards. i got only 2 legendary and they was trash. now i am spending tokens on premium boxes. i got 8 box and 5 of them was legendary. so dont buy premium pack.


Edit 5 :

  1. Added @El_Metre’s and @Ricemech88’s guides.
  2. Added Tip 22 regarding keeping items.


As a relatively “new” player (a couple months running), This has been SO useful for me.
Thanks to the work you’ve done to help us “plebes” get a better handle on the game. :wink:


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bueno con respecto a esto me gusta tu explicacion, yo quise dejar el juego pero he decidido volver solo para darle la oportunidad al juego


This is a very good and helpful post! Keep it up.


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another tip:
don’t use hybrid weapons :wink:


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this guide is great. I wonder though, is there a thread for posting your mech. … have been slamming so many parts into my primary, and I just need to know how much further I can take it, everything is nearing or at max, andI just feel like I am gonna be hitting the caps soon. Secondary mech is still forming but its another project entierly.