Newbies Tips: After Reloaded

Continuing from a thread that was before reloaded .

If you are a new comer , first of all , Welcome to the game and forum!
I have gathered some of the few essential tips you need for a head start!

Please take your time and read all of these , they might help you a lot in the long run :wink:

  • Tip 1 : Coordinate one type of a mech.

Never , go for a hybrid mech (a mech that uses 2 or all the elements of damage)
It will usually end up in having to multitask with everything (Resistence / HP / Heat & Cool / Energy & Regen)

  • Tip 2 : Inspect your enemies weapons , know your odds of wining.

Either in campaign , or multiplayer , you should know how the weaons debuff / damage you!
Debuffs : Regen / Cooldown / HeatCap / EnergyCap / Resistence Drain.

  • Tip 3 : Know the range of weapons.

This relates to the second tip , when you hold your mouse over an item , it shows a red line on the ground , thats the range where the enemy can use .
Use this to your advantage ! Use a teleport to go away out of their range and make them waste a turn to get withing range to shoot you.

  • Tip 4 : Dont overweigh on useless items!

As of now , you are given 1000 KG to build a mech.
Never Use weapons you barely use in pvp , they take up space for a potentially good weapon and useless kg on your mech.

  • Tip 5 : Good usage of modules.

Try to use coordinated modules !
A couple of HP plates , energy and heat modules.
If you are blessed to have a heat engine or energy engine , USE IT!
Its the most used module in the game , right next to HP Plates.

  • Tip 6 : Rarities of weapons.

Because reloaded occured , you can no longer get mythical items from boxes.
Rarest tier is now legendary.
Epics are some of the most used and most usefull.

Note : You can only get : C (Common) - R (Rare) - E (Epic) from silver boxes.
Legendary items can be won from fortune boxes and premium boxes / packs.

  • Tip 7 : Save tokens!

Dont spend them on paint early on , you will regret it!
Save them for a box discount , the drop rates are higher , so its a better chanse for good items.
Either save or a box discount , or save tokens for refills on item portals .

Note : NEVER BUY PREMIUM BOXES! Its always a higher value to buy a premium pack.
A premium box gives 1 card with chanse of legendary for 75 tokens.
A premium pack gives 5 CARDS with a chanse of legendary for 335
You can save 40 tokens if you buy a premium pack

  • Tip 8 : Portals!

As of now , we know of 4 portals :

  1. Item Mania Portal - It gives a lot of items , 4 items per card with high drop rates!
  2. Gold Portal - Doesnt give any boxes , but gives a lot of gold.
  3. Item Portal - Usually designed for a special item.
  4. Unichorn Portal - The best , and rarest portal. It has extremely high drop rates for legendaries ! Sadly , this portal wont be seen , since the developers thought it was too overpowered.

  • Tip 9 : Fuel and Refills.

1 Fuel Regenerates Every 5 minutes.
Meaning you regenerate a total of 12 fuel per hour.
Refills can be bought with tokens , one refill costs 30 tokens.
Its why i told you to save your tokens for portals :wink:
You can also gain reffils from leveling up.

Note : ALWAYS SPEND ALL YOUR FUEL! You need coins and items!

  • Tip 10 : Levels and rewards.

Currently , there are a total of 150 Levels !
Each level offers these rewards :

  1. A Fuel refill
  2. An amount of coins
  3. 2 tokens

Remember , every 10 levels is an item box for level up.
Those boxes have a high chanse of dropping a legendary item.
If not a legendary , its an epic item.

  • Tip 11 : Arena Coins

The most recent update introduced silver coins or arena coins!

Theres a special shop in the pvp lobby , where you can spend these coins to buff your stats.
You can only get these coins in pvp , only 5 wins a day give these coins!
So make good use of them ! :wink:

  • Tip 12 : Engeneering ( Transforming and boosting )

Boosting works the same as the old versions , nothing changed.
You click on an item you want to boost , then when use other items to boost it.

Note : Boosting takes coins. Nothing is free!

Transforming was a new feature introduced in Reloaded.
It basically gives you the opportunity to uprage an item to the next tier.
In order to do that , you need a set amount of coins , and some items with the same rarity.

You get bonus points if you fuse with the same category . (Torso + Torso | Leg + Leg. Physical + physical etc.)

Side Note : ALWAYS SAVE EPICS AND LEGENDARIES! Dont use them to boost!

  • Tip 13 : PVP !

For the first 5 battles of the day , you get the silver coins , exp and an set amount of coins.

  • Tip 14 : Competitive Plays

There are a total of 25 ranks in the game. You start at rank 25 when you start playing.
1v1 is very popular down there , so focus on 1 mech! Dont build any others!
One of the recent updates , included forced 2v2 for ranks 14-1.
Meaning , when you are close to rank 14 , you should atleast have a functioning second mech.

  • Tip 15 : Clans!

There is no point in making a clan , if its not top 10.
Clans are basically communities of 24 members , fighting for the top rewards !
A medal (for every clan member) and the 3 items from the weekly clan reward.

You get a ‘‘clan box’’ if you reach a set amount of wins multiple times.

  • Tip 16 : Solo Medals!

Only won by the strongest of players.
Hold Leaderboard palce 1-3 for a shiny medal. ( pros only :slight_smile: )

  • Tip 17 : Premium accounts.

These can be bought with tokens for temporary effects.
You shouldnt buy these if you have a low amount of tokens , always save them up!

  1. 20% more HP in campaign
  2. 50% more rewards in PVP
  3. Ad free gameplay

  • Tip 18 : Currency!

Right now , we have 3 types of currencies :

  1. Silver Coins / Arena Coins
  2. Gold
  3. Tokens

Silver coins can be used to buy permanent stat buffs.
Gold is used to buy boxes , transform and boost items.
Tokens are the most valuable!
They can be used for everything! (Except buying silver coins , you cant buy them)

  • Tip 19 : Transform Range

These will help you find out if you can use the item or not.
The best items are that can be fused to mythical.
Exceptions : Teleports , Hooks and HP Plates

White - Common
Blue - Rare
Epic - Purple
Legendary - Yellow
Mythical - Orange


  • Tip 20 : Raids!

These were included not too long ago , they are basically campaign mechs , but with a twist!
Every player will compete for high rewards!

How to get higher points :

  1. Try to get as many perfects (win without getting hit)

What weapons to use in the raid?

Sadly , you need premium items to get high positions .
Some of them :

  1. Valiant Sniper
  2. Magma Blast
  3. Bunker Shell
  4. Crimson Rapture

  • Tip 21 : Element / Type explanation
  1. Physical - Requieres a bit of energy to use , if any at all.
    Generates a small amount of heat
    Deals a lot of damage.

  2. Heat - Requiers a bit of energy. if any at all.
    Generates a LOT of heat.
    Shove your enemies into shutdowns! They’ll be forced to skip turns cause they need to cooldown!

  3. Energy - Requieres a LOT of energy .
    Generates a small amount of heat.
    Drain your enemies to deal extra damage from the drain!

  • Tip 22 : Keep any item that is rare!

When you get a new item , DONT FUSE IT STRAIGHT AWAY!
Be sure to ask some people if the item you got is keep-worthy.
You Might need them later.

I hope this will help you early on.

Best of luck in the arena!

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also add to the boosting tip, the fact that if you boost items of the same type(legs/sides/modules etc, also by heat/energy/phis), you get a bonus.


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