Newbies tips 1 : Call of lightning


Did you know that you call of lightning have an attribute that drain 50 of your enemy’s energy ? this -50 energy will become a +50 damage to call of lightning if your enemy’s energy bar is empty , a total amount of 149 damage per slash if your enemy’s energy bar is empty . An impressive amount of damage for a RARE tier weapon right :+1:


Did you know that the Steel Barricade can deal 130 damage without any energy and heat? If you’re using a Steel Barricade on a physical pad then say goodbye to your enemies!


Yes … For that reason was used when “Lightning Hammer” was released to SM and became an op instantly … In if there is not much difference between the two weapons


Omggg thank you WindWeaver!!!
I never knew thats how that worked! At first I was skeptical, but it really does work! You guys really have to try it!!!
Thanks to ur strategy im now a rank 1 pro. I love players like you who share such creative secret strategies like this one, and help the newb players like me! I wish everyone was this helpful and smart in this game!!! Thank you so much!!! Love you WindWeaver, Im ur biggest fan!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I hope you were not being sarcastic as the main goal of this tip is to help newer player learning to use basic weapons and basic tactics for them before they reach rank 1 with a full mythical mech .


Back when I played SM call if lightning excelled in Rank 1. Most players used one.

Also, you shouldn’t discourage @TheWindWeaver from making posts like these. He is trying to actively help future noobs to pick out a decent enough weapon, and use it. Joke or not, it can discourage newbies from playing SM. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: Keep up the tips Wind!


Call of Lightning build helped me out a lot when I was starting out.

You need a Deep Drain and a Call of Lightning (CoL) equipped for it to be effective. CoL for close range, and Deep Drain when they are out of range of your sword.

Plus, equip the most powerful teleporter you got and the most powerful electric hook you got, as well. If you got mythical teleporter and hook, that would be great for you can use them twice.

For drone, high energy draining drone is the key. (Triple electric or blue angel)

As for Modules, health, then energy then cooling is your priority order.

I remember watching a CoL build on the Supermechs Youtube Channel but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

Found it:


Noobs dont really use the forums. :confused:


dude i reach rank 1 with just 6 mythicals in like a month since i start playing this game its too easy for me even with my bad luck




They should make a rank 0. And u dont get bonus stars from streaks. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


im a noob in supermechs like super super noob and i use the forums :smiley:


@Yahiakh xD how r u doing?


Guarantee you, noobs use the forums. I just now got my 5th arena win so I could open the 2nd boss box in Campaign, and I’m here. And I did, in fact, learn something that I think will probably be pretty important from this thread. I had no idea WTF Energy weapons were even for when absolutely everyone only uses overheating tactics in the Arena.

Now I’mma go build an Energy mech and see if I can make it work. :slight_smile:
Thanks, wild!


Oh dont worry I didnt mean that no newbs use it. but out of hundreds of players only 2 or 3 will. Most people just arent forumers. But at least this helped one or two new players.
My original post was sarcastic because it’s extremely easy to figure out and most do it very soon. To be fair since this game requires little skill (thus making experience less valuable) and more about what items u have, once u know how the game works (the basics even), there arent many clever tricks to show new players.