🌐 Newbie League Battle Lobby


Here you can find battles with other players only using noob mechs, They are Commen to rare items for nub mechs, fell free to fight


Fred and George, Fight the twins now


I’ll challenge you, just wait after the 5 Arena Wins


tell me when i will let these 2 trouble makers lose Image result for fred and george


my three little bro


2v2?, i am free at the moment




Fight me right now, Fred and george vs ?? and ??


I’m free now @DDark_515k


Ok, 2v2 Noob mechs, will just kill bigboy, i will be in Grerman globle


On a side note, are you in HTK?


I’ll use my “newbie” acc


what’s your ign?



and i will be with you shortly


That means “In Game Name”


ddark515k that is my name for now




GG dude, the hiden drone works good


not enough energi lol


Making a new account specially for this.

NL Tag stands for Newbie League


Also renamed the topic for something more interersting.

This topic will be our battle lobby.

@Alexander You are invited to the Newbie League.