New youtube video idea

These are what I have so far, I have included all of the ones suggested by you guys

Lookin great man, super excited!

‘‘No-no-no,don’t hug me…Argh,damn it’’ to a hugger.

‘‘Social distancing’’ to a pusher.

‘‘Hey,6-feet rule!’’ to another hugger.

Alternatively: ‘‘NO…You.Stay.Away!’’

‘‘The saw is the law’’ to a mech that has an axe.

‘‘I feel…huff huff…tired…’’ after getting drained of energy.

‘‘Everything’s going dark’’ before taking the finishing blow.

Alternatively: ‘‘I can see the light’’

‘‘Did you drop your phone of your keyboard when naming your pilot?’’ for guys with tons of characters or odd names

‘‘I’ll set base here’’ when using a Claw build.

‘‘The secret is in the legs’’ when using a retreat weapon.

‘‘I am speed’’ or ‘‘Poof’’ when teleporting.The ‘‘poof’’ thing is cute.

‘Boop’’ timed right as you swing the axe.

Alternatively: ‘‘No worries,jus’ tryina split you in two’’

Alternatively: ‘‘Who knew metal is so similar to wood’’.

‘‘Tenderizing meat’’ timed as you swing the hammer.

‘‘Slice and dice’’ and you swing the sword.

‘‘Screws.Screws everywhere!’’ when a melee hit causes many particle effects.

Alternatively: ‘‘I think you lost a screw or two’’ or ‘‘Mate,you’ve got a loose screw there.Or several’’.

‘‘I shall haunt you’’ as a taunt before getting destroyed by an unfair match-up.

‘‘Mine is the only Stable Power Cell in the world’’

‘‘Hurlbat,keep that thing away from me!’’

‘‘I finally made my dream mech with this last pack’’ using a full E-M setup.No L-Ms allowed for this line.

‘‘Feet warmer’’ when standing on a pad.

‘‘You have the same color as my last pack’’ when going against a purple mech (rare thing though).


Any random lyrics from any random song as long as the viewer recognizes it.

Metal lyrics.Black metal/brutal deathcore lyrics work best without a context.

‘‘Brace yourself!’’ before charging.

Alternatively: ‘‘OUT OF THE WAY!Got no brakes!’’


I hate 20char

@CleverName how many upc do you have?


Ok, can you fight me with quad UPC at somepoint? The idea is about having 4 of the most broken weapon and saying “I’ve definitely lost this” or something like that"

I got 4 ready to go whenever you want :wink: 24%20PM

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Can do it now if you want

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Also, I’ve realised that I’m going to have to do this in 2 parts because 100 will make around a 20 minute video which my phone simply can’t store

Ill be in English Global in about 2min

Alright, I’ll get myself there

I’m there, we need to make sure we are in the same server tho

How’s the video going

I have decided to do 3 parts, as I cannot fit too much footage on my phone. I am currently editing part 1 now

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It appears I am now doing 5 parts because the limit to my editing app is 20 at a time

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Sorry there’s no thumbnail yet
Thanks to @CleverName and @JustAndromedaInShape for helping with this part