New Weight Reduction Module: Antimatter

how’s about a weight reducer instead. that’ll use a module slot.
Rare = -10% overall weight
Epic = -15% same above
Legendary = -17% same stuff
Mythical = -20% same of above of above

still gonna create some advantage to the one that DOEN’T posess this item. it’s overpower tho…

Pretty creative, but I think that the point of weight reduction is to gain more weight for other stuff such as modules. And now antimatter is using that space up. Maybe a little pointless?

To be added it needs be a so much heavy module and some percentage

change it from module to shield type slot

@bestplayerintheworld you have more experience than me with shields^^^^^^ your shield has a friend now

Oh calm down. Lucky13

Why did you revive this topic?

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What is dead may never die…

How bout you put it in one of the grapple spaces per say.

I mean I think I would change it to a grapple like space instead of a module but a good idea in general

Hey I think this problem is solved (sort of)… There is a new overweight potential, losing 15 HP for each lb/kg over but allowing up to 10 kgs more.

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