New Weight Reduction Module: Antimatter


So, this could be called antimatter or something like that. It would reduce mech weight, at the cost of a module spot.

Weight: 0 kg? since it would have make up for its own weight (for example, if it weighed 15 kg, there would have to be 15 kg added on to the weight reduction), it could technically be any weight. Let’s just say 0 kg for now.

Transform Range: Epic to Mythical

Weight Reduction: At max level mythical, it would reduce (remember, weight is theoretically 0 as of now) 30 kg. Not sure if that is too little or too much. If too little, 50 kg. If too much, 20 kg.

What does the community think?


lol no



An explanation would be helpful.

This seems like an interesting idea to me, though I don’t think it would be useful to give up mod space for some extra weight. It doesn’t seem worth it, because your stats will just suffer.


not necessarily

half of the battle is stats, the other half is using a lack thereof


Two words:

Bad Idea.





So what you are gonna get from this module is :

  • You lose 1 slot for module
  • 30KG more ( lightest weapon i ever seen was Armor Anniliator being 22kg )

Not worth the module slot which you can slap a module of heat/energy on , so no



Change weight reduction to 50 kg.
Its transform range could also change from Epic-Mythical to Common-Epic.


I like the idea, it could help in situations where the mech is few kg to heavy… really annoying…


The weight exists so that the game can be ballanced out. messing around with it will create some nasty unbalance.
very sensitive part of the game’s structure.


what is the weight of the antimatter module? :slight_smile:
thats my point: no


[quote=“leosteelo1, post:12, topic:37403”]
what is the weight of the antimatter module? :slight_smile:
Exact, that thing could get weight too, so it would be illogical.


i know i wrote that


just no, come on.


I’m sure this guy knew he would get hate if he did a poll because he knew how bad this idea is so I did it for him

  • Good
  • neutral
  • sucks harder than a black hole

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Those were good


But why not jsut a simple and plain, “no” ?


Interesting idea. :thinking:


I said up there that is theoretically has no weight. There is no point because it reduces its own weight and then some.


I did expect hate. It is pretty much impossible to get a good new idea for sm these days that the community supports. SM is dying, and it doesn’t seem like anything we can come up with in the ideas and features part of the forums can or will change that. :pensive: