New Weapons Ideas

I think you should add a weapon that does heat and energy damage also a weapon with 2 pull and 4-8 range. And a heatversion of the valiant sniper.

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I say



Hmm There’s something wrong with your idea… let me fix it


Also, Do you mean Flaming Scope?

No a heatversion of the energy weapon valiant sniper

That is flaming scope mate… except it has one use, around 300-500 more damage than valiant, and around 200 heat damage.


You forgot that it’s hard to use

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Search up the valiant sniper it has 2 uses 4-8 range -193 energy dmg and -12 energy resistance

Also I named 3 different weapon ideas


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It will be too op…since valiant doesn’t have heat cost then the heat version will be energy free!

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They could change it to balance the weapon out.

FLAMING SCOPE(L) ----(23), 8 Range, 568-741 ExDmg, 212 HeatDmg, -15ExRes, 1Use, (31/155 Cost)
VALIANT SNIPER(L) ----(51), 4-8 Range, 135-196 ElDmg, 189EnDmg, -17ElRes, -13EnRegen, 2 Uses (31/0 Cost)
AS you can clearly see, flaming scope does more than twice the damage than valiant. That compensates for the single uncomfortable use(range 8)

If the heat version was introduced, it would be too OP.

Okay, please describe stats.



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we already have a game full of smurfs do you really think that more hybrid weapons will help?

how about no?


i only agree with the 2 pull weapon which would be useful for phy mechs, they could get their nightfalls in place way easier and i agree with the heat valiant… dont ask me why HEAT FOR LIFE BOI!!!
i kinda dont agree with the both energy and heat damage because then it’d be either too op or too mediocre, like it’s either high heat and energy damage or medium- low heat and energy damage with medium-low damage… it’d be too op or suck as i said

There is no weapon that does both and should be one added which would be perfect for people running heat/energy mechs

Yeah the purpose for the 2 pull is to be able to use nightfall or simply put the enemy in your main weapon range.

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running a hybrid aye?lol

Yeah haha just a random idea

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Nice u giving new ideas
But according to me we need new legs, modules and torsos more than weapons at the moment

A module that can put the oppenents drone down for a turn with 1 use