New weapons idea- Volcano Fury/Raging Storm

Volcano Fury ( Heat Variant of nightfall )
Evolution range : E - M
Weight : 75
Damage : 188 - 402
Heat capacity damage : - 15
Heat damage : 58
Range : 2 - 4
Uses : 3

Self energy Consumption : 18 ( it can be removed if you think its ok )
Self heat generation : 45

Raging Storm ( Energy Variant of nightfall )
Evolution range : E - M
Weight : 75
Damage : 138 - 378
Energy regeneration damage : - 15
Energy damage : 58
Range : 2 - 4
Use : 3

Self energy Consumption : 45
Self heat Generation : 18

Notice : Why are they balanced ?

  • Sometime it’s damage output will be extremely high
  • Sometime it’s damage output will be extremely low
  • Their weight is significantly high compare to nightfall , meaning that you can not use these as main weapons but support weapons instead
  • Important Note : All the stats above are maxed myth stats with all maxed arena buffs applied

How do you think about this idea ? feel free to comment below to these weapon ideas of mine



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so they are just shotguns but with higher range

ABOMINATION(L) ------- (70), 2-4 Range, 212-307 ExDmg, 71 HeatDmg, -12ExRes, 1 Push, 3 Uses (19/44 Cost)

LAST WORDS (63) 2-4 Range 185-285 ElDmg 95 EnDmg-13 Rgn 1 Push 3 Uses(47/16 Cost)

So your idea is a epic to mythical heat item which is better than one of the best heat weapons?
That s a buffed abomination

And a buffed last words?

Both without knockback

Nope,they will never add this

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i think the stats should be the same dmg wise…
so why is the energy weaker?
also instead of self heating and self drain could you just say cost?
oh and i think they’re a bit heavy for what they do… cause 188 is very low (and that really makes changes in dmg output) so if it’s going to weight 75 please make the minimum dmg worth something… like compared to nightfall:
NIGHTFALL (49) 2-4 Range 248-366 PysDmg -11 PysRes 3 Uses (31/31 Cost)

this things shouldnt be able to do more dmg than nightfall, instead i think that they should do around 218-336 dmg
the heat/drain is fine, after all these weapons seem to not be made to heat/drain but more of a support

but the weight should be something like 62

and costs seem not like the otehr weapon costs… (47/16)
so i’d say either make them 47/16 or maybe get rid of the energy cost in the heat and the heat cost in the energy and make the cost 62 or 63

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What is this? Heat and energy versions of the Nightfall? Yeah, like they have enough weapons already. But wait, there’s more! It can do the same damage as a Nightfall, the physical version that’s supposed to do the most, but these weapons have HEAT AND ENERGY DAMAGE!

And you say it’s balanced that it might do high or low damage? We have heat and energy SHOTGUNS that do the same damage that have less range with more weight. And this was supposed to be a NIGHTFALL. Please, think your idea through.

Here is my proposal: to make it more “nightfally” and not as much “shotgunny”, change the damage range for both to 187-321, and nerf the weight to 61.

My proposal is IF they are added. I’d rather NOT have them ever be added, because of the lack of physical weapons and the abundance of new heat/energy weapons. Why should heat and energy get the same things physical has, but phys doesn’t get heat/energy variants of items?

pretty sure the energy and heat shotguns only differ in dmg and weight

They have more weight while having less range and basically the same damage. They’re the same as the ones he mentioned above, but worse.

i’d say just make the dmg weaker while keeping the range and some more weight than the actual nightfall

They should be different, with different Heat and Energy damage, and even weight.