New Weapons Idea, NEW FIREWALLS?


Hi everybody :3 (im hentai), yesterday i thinked about my new firewall (yes, i have three firewalls :v) and i said "Why not make more firewalls?"
i thinked about…
Thunderwall (electric firewall):
ele dmg: 50 - 60
energy damage: 17
heat cost: 10
(same firewall weight)

and about…
Punchwall (physical firewall)
phs dmg: 58 - 68
heat cost: 5
weight: 49

Welp, what do you think about :3?
Cheers, Mia


both already exist in game:

thunderwall : big blue blast (40weight, 2knock,42-52dmg,17 energy cost and 5 drain)
punch wall : those little pushers of 10kg and 3 knock, 4 energy and 4 heat, the one of 24kg 4knock 5 heat and energy… and the oter tiny i dont remember his stats…

maybe because of those weapons with the same skills of the new walls than you want, we dont have it like a myths…

needed? yeah why not… bring it to us, we can handle it… or maybe dont… :rabbit2:


There’s also Saurus Rifle


oh well, i think that wasnt a good idea


we all have good and bad ideas, it’s just sad the devs rarely add anything to the game