New weapons and torsos and legs and drones new

  1. List item sentinel gun. damage 200. heat cost 35. enegry cost 35. heat damage 50. enegry damage 50.

  2. List item sentinel drone. damage 32. heat cost 35. enegry cost 35. heat damage 35. enegry damage 50.

  3. List item sentinel legs. health 150. damage 150. heat damage 50. enegry damage 50.

  4. List item sentinel torso. pys 15. health 250. enegry pys 15. heat pys 15.

No one will bow you and no one will take that name.

And fuqing no alright?
My grampa is disabled alright fam?
Soo please stop it.

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Buddy nothing personal here, but mind you stop spamming the damn forum.

@Mr.E, bro, i hate myself for saying that, but is there anything doable? The mate just wont stop spaming


people on this forum have a weird willingness to take obvious troll bait.


Tbh but he is looking like a troll.

Mr.E please block this lad by making topics

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I’m gonna get aids soon if he is still doing it.

Just fuqing stop.

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Lol just don’t read his topics

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Nah i’ma just do the pissing off tactic lmfao.

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why should we do ask to create Super Mech 2

No one wants that brother.

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i think Super Mech 2 will be the most stupidest idea ever created


tbh i dont think the guy is trolling

he probably thinks that this stats are good for items…

just stop spamming posts @Ellen_Cummings
you need to stop
look at the max myths stats and then look at thte stats you made…
you should really stop giving ideas cause your ideas seem… trashy

for example:

legs dont have cost
and they should never cause that’d be worst than using 2 flaminators, 2 heat bombs and 2 flaming scopes with only 300 cap… and around 100+ cooling

only good players will get what i mean with this

just stop
you arent good at making topics about new items

well these torsos im makeing does

no it’s aslo trashy
250 hp is basically a legendary leg…
torsos have over 800+ hp
800 being the lowest

so no
your torso is not good

If everyone ignore him,he will stop

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how about you learn to respect and listen to other people before harassing them with words

dude you need to learn how to make a proper topic

oh sorry :frowning: im so mean

just stop spamming stuff
and learn about average stats of items