New Weapon: NUKE!


Weight: 94
Pys dmg: 375-812
Cost: 60/60
Range: 3
Drain: 0
Sound effect: Huge fart…

Weight: 65
Pys damage: 297-512
Cost: 38/38
Range: 1
Knockback: 2000000000000000000
Uses: 4
Sound effect: GET OUTTA HERE!


this is the best meme gun ever i have ever seen.


why is the second one not called YEEEEET ?


lol yes pls add


Myesh pls add soo that i can use tsar bomb.

Alabab kbar lol.


That is racist as ■■■■…


I was joking lol.
If i was racist,i would say it full words.

Glad i didn’t.


That was a joke dood


no to the fart but infinite uses op and a meme gun kg can stay and if you are thinking a physical heat bomb/EMP only 1 use

this are funny and at same time op;if both weapon are max mythical ok because we have the scopes which are high damage,high drain,high resistance drain and super light weight only if each have 1 use slap is ok but decrease the damage


Sorry I don’t speak terrorism.


I think he saied “I like kebab” :joy_cat:




Well… I’m kinda offended… XD


slap should also have an animation that shows a big hand just slapping the other mech into another universe




Wth I though this was serious untill I saw that fart.


No Serbs loves kebabs!



Give me this giphy-1


you know who else use tsar bom my MOM