New weapon in game?

I just received a weapon which seems entirely new. Never faced it on enemy mechs, never seen it in any posts. Anyone, any idea what this is?
What the finals stats of the maxxed version migh be?

Never saw it befor… looks like a high dmg heat wepon.
I am guestimating around 200-280dmg, with 75 heat dmg, and 31 energy and 50 heat cost.

Well, looks like a nice item for combo with HeronMark. One weapon of pull type (damn, I need a heat Night Eagle) and I am able to build a nice second heat mech…

Its not fair i never get legendary,

there is no heat night eagle… nor should it be atm, would throw the game of really bad…neither should it be a heat version of last words… cause well…would throw the game into another unbalance thing again.
Like i said atm… these posible items would throw the game off balance even more.

I have seen it a couple of times in PvP battles,


antiannihilator, I think.

So what is this thing capable of? Did you see it maxxed?

BoogieMan uses it , from llyl

No, it was a Max.legendary , wasn’t much powerful though

The best way to guess the stats are to look at other items with similar stats.

103-132 should be roughly 170-236… although it does seem to vary.

Energy and heat should be more straightforward. It probably does 71 heat damage, costs 21 energy and generates 50 heat… again, judging by stats of other weapons.

Have you checked to see if there’s a hidden stat?

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hmm, a bit higher dmg Blex, we are talking about 90 lvls of upgrade from legendary lvl 1 to mythical lvl 50.
And the pattern is , if it doesnt have drain, or any hidden stats, it usualy gets 1.3 dmg point/lvl.
If it has hidden stats, or drain, then it gets 1 dmg point/ lvl of upgrade.

It’s the LEGENDARY version of the Headhunter EPIC.
I was wondering when they would show the EXP version of the big ELE version I saw. I need this one to replace my Headhunter.

But it cannot be made to legendary

@El_Metre Ah, I just went by the stats of other items with the same starting stats. Makes sense.

Well, this means that it is much weaker than the downblaze… Downblaze maxxed is 203-265 dmg,
5 res dmg, 71 heat dmg… And only 3 kg more. Damn it, again looks like a shitty legend drop. I already have a nice pile of shitty legends: bloodweep, sweetie, purifier, and now this one…

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i belive it will be closer to dawnblaze in terms of dmg, maybe a little higher, it has advantage over dawnblaze cause it is a close wepon that sinergies well with swords/axes… altho i think i won’t win against ash generators.But could win against anihilation users…depending on their cooldown and heat caps(wont work on 500/260 cooldown builds)

@Mordulec could you max it out? :slight_smile:
I cant wait to see the outmaxed stats

LOL, man, I cannot wait to see somebody maxes this out… I have to think really hard what to do with this thing. Right now I have 3 mechs with a huge potential, but each falls into a different category - heat, energy and phys. And this is not good for 3v3. I need to think hard which category to give up on. I am closest to building another heat mech, with HaronMark, this funny thing, and possibly a Night Eagle (I need a pull weapon in range 3, so I can pull the enemy into the range of Haron and Chaos), with Nemo and all other myth gimmicks (hook, charge, tele)… This would make sense… But to give up on my energy mech with Ash Creator, windforge, sniper and BOOMSTICK? I just do not know…


Send it to me, I’ll max it out for you. :slight_smile:

and I’ll keep it, of course.