New Weapon In-game again?


This is Chaos Bringer Weapon has Posted By @Mordulec

Never faced it on enemy mechs, never seen it in any posts
Insert Name Here From Item Received There.



Thanks Your are a BigDaddy


What is it then enemy drain the resistence?


@Andernut, noted BigDaddy isn’t listed in your thread :grin:


BigDaddy ;-; oh god what a name …


Supermechs Creators have a perv side with names :smiling_imp:

Better names

BEST = Energy Louse = parasite
Energy PickPocket
Energy Thief

I hate ELE stuff so I want EXP Chaos Bringer


I have that weapon… I have only maxed it to legendary though… It’s not bad.

Very handy for close range. No hidden stats, as far as I can remember.