New weapon ideas


I think that it could be a good idea to help and make ideas for new weapons a gear so tell them your ideas


I think they shounld make a mythical teleaporter that lets you swich armer with you opponent it you hit them when you teleport


Sounds nice :slight_smile:


it would probebly me a good trolling gear


How about an module/weapon that can drain a part of the enemies HP? So god mode torsos will get a nerf


sound good but will most likely have 1 or 2 uses


It would be cool to have rarer items than mythical, like Omega items


Like omega torso:
cooling: 300
heat: 1000
HP: 2000
Energy: 1000
Regen: 300
40 of each resistance


actually, no. Adding rarer and more OP items will just make game even more p2w. I suggest learning how to make good mech out of what you already have instead.


is this a joke? 2K hp w 40 resistances… nigh infinite regen and cooling… lol even if you forbid to equip any modules, specials and weapons it will still be overpowered…


Wow you want to kill the game


Is that C-Norris torso?


lol you just gave me a new weapon concept
its a top weapon that looks like satellite dish.
Costs 200 energy to fire.
On fire: deals no damage. Instead, you hack over opponent’s mech, now for 5 turns it stands still and does nothing (drone does not fire, too), just like that dummy in “Deal as much damage as possible” random challenge


hacks opponents mech
"Do a barrel roll!"


I’d think the game would only allow one mech if you use Omega torso
Forgot to add it.
so 2v2s and 3v3s would still be quite fair


Omega legs
Weight: 150
Physical damage: 250
Heat damage:150
Ele damage: 150
Ignores resistance.
Range: 0-2
Walking+jumping distance:1-5


Omega torso weight: 400


looks like you were not joking abt omega torso and such an items… You are truly insane, this can’t be described any softer


reason why I think the weight should be so high
And wtf, you thought i was honestly serious


weight is limitation for total amount of strong things. However, if one thing that can be installed onto mech is too strong, it would break the game balance no matter how high weight it have.

you probaby did not realize, but SuperMechs is not the game about having the most powerful items existing. Its a game about making and piloting a good mech, and it have hundreds of items you can choose from. Even top players, who expert to fight only strong mechs, have a wide selection of what items they would use for their pro strategy.

If a selected few items exist, more powerful than any other in their category, top players will have no choice but to use them - or be top players no more. That would kill “customisation” part in this game - and thus, such overpowered items only appear in wildest dreams of newbies who just don’t have powerful enough mech yet.

thats why no Omega items, or “Dark magic staff”. You need to make ideas of something on same (maybe lower) level as currently existing items, or at least something truly new - because truly new item, even if it will be overpowered (and thus nerfed afterwards), would introduce new concept to the game.


one such an idea might be a joke… three of them clearly tells something wrong either with your understanding of game, with your common sense, or with your mind


Best idea ever to exist
"Violence is my last option."
~Chuck Norris
Fists of Chuck:
Weight: 350
Phy Damage: 0
Phy Res Drain: 75
Range: 1-9
Heat Generated: 200
Uses: 2