New Weapon idea: Withering


I’ve been thinking about a new weapon. It’s called The Withering. At maxed up mythical, it does 210-395 Explosive DMG, 20 Cooling DMG, 80 heat DMG. It will cost 45 heat and 25 energy. And it is a top weapon and is limited to 2 uses. It’s range is 5-7 range
Rarity is L-M


Long Range Magma Blast?


Nice vandal rage here


Hexa magma builds coming omg.


sounds good except for the range, id do 5 - 7 and i would have 2 uses on it


nerf damage stats and/or cooling damage stats or it will be more broken than the valiant sniper before it was nerfed. otherwise good idea tho. Also:

Minecrafting much :smile: