New weapon idea "Power loader"


the idea was based on ftl (faster than light) a game about spaceships and that, it’s good and everything but anyway, in the game there are weapons that get charges over time, for each charge the weapon has an additional instant shot, then I thought that it would be good to adapt this type of weapon to a weapons to supemechs
then this would be a low damage weapon but that could be charged so that its damage increases and it would work something like this: to charge it you will have to spend an action point (I think that’s what they are called and if it is not, they are the two green points that only let fire or move 2 times per turn) Obviously the charge and fire buttons would be separated if you want to load more or less the weapon, and load the weapon would cost energy and fire would generate heat,I do not put the stats because I feel that I could not give balanced stats, so I’ll leave it to you
so what do you think and if you want to do a sprite that would be great


I like it! :grinning:

You are correct, the green circles are called action points

Just to flesh out your idea a bit, you would have to decide if it’s a Phys, Energy or Heat Weapon

While you could have it cost energy to charge, and heat to fire, usual game convention is that:

  • If it’s a Heat Weapon, it usually costs mostly heat, possibly a bit of energy
  • If it’s an Energy Weapon, it usually costs energy, possibly a bit of heat
  • If it’s a Phys weapon, It usually costs an equal amount of both

Maybe to keep it simple, you can keep the costs to charge and fire the same

A good site to check out for usual weapon heat and energy costs is here:

So for example, 47 Energy/ 16 Heat is a typical firing cost for a lot of ranged energy weapons (and vice versa for heat), Phys is more 31/31

  • The other thing you would have to do is to decide the benefits of charging.
  • This game really emphasizes getting as much damage in as quickly as possible (it’s slowly moving towards being more strategic, but that’s another matter :grinning:)
  • With that said, there has to be a good benefit to delaying damage
  • If it’s an energy weapon, I would suggest charging increases damage by 150%

So, if it did 120 Electric Damage + 40 Energy Damage to start

  • Charge 1 would increase it to 300 Elec + 100 Energy Damage
  • Charge 2 would increase it to 750 Elec + 250 Energy Damage
  • I wouldn’t go more than 2 charges on it (battles are too short)

Anyways, just some suggestions. Feel free to take a crack at throwing out some specific numbers after looking at the Max Myth site :grinning:


I would like it to have one version per type of damage (heat,elec and phys)
and the benefits of loading, I was thinking and I can not decide are too many things to choose (push, pull, drain, heat, resdrain, ener and heat max etc) and for me it makes it very difficult to choose (this is the first time I “invent” a weapon)


I repalyed the game and I realized that there are already three versions that can be adapted to supermech i are: ion charger (reduces the maximum energy, in ftl so I think that would be the bonus load in supermechs) laser charger (shoots four times so in ftl you have high probabilities of incending, so in heat I think the bonus would be more heat generation) and swarm (it fires four missiles so it has a high probability of leaving a gap in the hull so elo bonus would be more reduction of armor) so lets go with energy (casue ion charger its my favorite)


I’d take a look at the Max Myth Listings and see what appears to be missing in the current SuperMechs landscape

  • Look at Ranges (pretty standard 1-2, 2-4, 4-8, though you can make it more specific if the weapon is very strong)
  • Look at Weapon functions (regen/cooling, caps, damage, heat/energy damage) for the various ranges… you want to avoid overlap with something that already exists

Once you kinda have an idea where it would fit, I’d attach a poll (little gear symbol above where you type in text) and then see what others think. You could always adjust the numbers or function afterwards.

And absolutely, one for all 3 would be perfect. Just remember, Phys weapons usually add on more damage, while Energy adds Energy Damage and Heat adds Heat Damage


side weapon, ion charger (energy, cant shot without charge and based on hot flash becasue projectiles are really similar ) stats:
range: 4-7
eldmg: 195-250 per charge
endmg: 115 per charge
-16 maxen first charge plus -20 in second charge total: 30
(60ener,0heat) first charge (70ener,0heat) second charge, (0ener,20heat) first charge shot (0ener,25heat) second charge shot
(in case of bad or unbalanced stats i am open to suggestions)

  • a) i like it and its fine as is it
  • b) i like it but it need some changes (explain)
  • c) i dont like it (explain why)
  • d) none of the above

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don’t forget the poll… you can always edit the post and put poll in

  • It’s easier for a lot of players to give feedback by clicking a circle rather than actually having to type out a post
  • Even something like, ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘OK but needs changes’ is a good start)


what i shoul put do you want the weapon in the game or somthing?


side weapon, laser charger (based on dawnblaze 'cause projectiles are very similar) stats:
wheight: 75
range: 4-7
expdmg: 195-250
heatdmg: 44 in first charge plus 56 in charge 2 total: 100
cooling: -14 (this is because energy has -maxen and this is alittle reference to the ftl)
(20ener,0heat) first charge (25ener,0 heat) second charge (0ener,60heat) first charge shot (0ener,70 heat) second charge shot

  • a) i like it and its fine as is it
  • b) i like it but it need some changes (explain)
  • c) i dont like it (explain why)
  • d) none of the above

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It needs a few changes, but I’ll wait for others to chime in before I respond :grinning:


and ion?


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so do you like the idea?


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b)ok but you can only charge some times at the battle then the next charge will appear one new icon the charging icon will appear and you start with 1 action until you fire but not too much turns to abuse max 5 turns of charge then next turn it are disabled only 1 turn and the charge will be 25-90 to not be op


i dont get it (sorry english isnt my native lenguage) can you explain a bit mor simplier for google translate


Just clearing one thing: you can edit a poll within the 5 first minutes after created, and after 5 minutes, it’s locked ^^