New Weapon Idea - Golden Razor [ True Damage Melee Scythe ]


True Damage : True damage is this weapon’s new kind of damage , the damage will entirely ignore shields and resistance and deal exact direct damage to the enemy

Golden Razor : [L-M Evolution]

  • 102 KG

  • 12 - 78 True Damage [Legendary] / 95 - 195 True damage [Max Myth]

  • Consume 15% of your current HP and turn it into damage [Legendary]

  • Consume 30% of your current HP and turn it into damage [Max Myth]

  • No Energy Consumption/Heat Generation

  • 1 Range
    Example :

  • Your current full HP is 2210

  • 30% additional damage consumed from your current HP = 685

  • Total damage : 685 + 195 = 880

Why its not OP :

  • Heavy Weight

  • Only useful early game as your HP will drop too low at late game , using it will be a death sentence late game

  • Punish people who abuse the mighty protector + vests , zark + hot protector


Hmmm, interesting idea… Heave weight might be too much of a barrier…

How about lowering the weight, and instead, having the charge up effect take an action point (and consuming your own health 1st), then have it do it’s incredible damage anytime after that?


An interesting idea, using HP as fuel is a cool idea!


How about a weapon or item that granted “super-human” abilities to mechs at a cost of HP? Like increased movement spaces or weapon range?


wow cool i like it ADD IT xd