New Weapon Idea: Firestorm

I just thought of this name and I thought it was so cool I had to make it a weapon. So I think it should be a weapon that does cooling damage, half the amount of vandal rage. It would do about as much damage as corrupt light. It has two uses, and can be fired at range 2-4. This weapon would shoot something that looks like a ball of fire, that is spherical. The weapon should weigh about 65kg, and is obviously a heat weapon. Do you think it is good?

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sooo red rain without pull?

Yeah, sort of. Its cooling damage is stronger, its damage is weaker and its range is shorter.

That’s Red Rain for you.


46/2 = 23

CR Damage: 140-236

(64kg) 2-4 Range, 140-236 Damage, 93 Heat, -23 Cooling

Imo, it’s just a heavier Corrupt Light with cooling reduction and uses. I honestly don’t know if this weapon would work.

you are confusing burning shower with red rain

I’m just here to say, FireStorm is already in game…

It’s the C-E heat flamethrower, freemium counterpart of Crimson Rapture

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Basically a Sorrow that does cooling damage.

Remember the weight of Sorrow.And instead of cap damage,it does cooling damage.That should weight around 72 kgs,since it’s energy-free and use-unlimited as well.

This could be the heat valiant sniper.

call it lightning storm and make energy burning shower

Sorry for the revive guys, but I’ve realised something. Burning shower. Red rain. Firestorm would fit right in! What if we make something like the opposite of red rain? This would also probably bring in the legacy weapon, firewall. And its name blends in well with firestorm. Like if you agree. Flag if you disagree. (jk, just say no)

Isn’t firestorm the name of the c-e heat flamethrower?

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It is

Normally, I said that somewhere within the old posts above X)

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