New weapon Idea: "COOLER BOMB"


minus 400 cooling?


basically a win situation for the player that uses this first lol


just how old emp and heatbomb worked.


UHHHHHHH do you want people to be running this?


what even is that…
what have you created…


Both enemies down to shutdown loool.


Yeah seems balance enough to kill off arena


400 cooling and 200 cost? That is a ridiculous amount. My cooling is around 190. Most people don’t have much more than 200 or 300. It would have to be lowered to 100-200 cooling damage, wih similar cost.


Nice to kill a game. After 1 turn the fight is over. Great fun …


Heat Bomb deals the same heat to the user as to the opponent.
The difference only comes from the the arena bonus.

Also Heat is created ONCE by Heat Bomb but cooling reduction REPEATS to affect the heat as often as a mech cools down.
So your “Cooler Bomb” would be worth like 100 Heat Bombs in one go.
Therefore its weight would have to be at least 100 times that of a Heat Bomb which means it would need to be 5000 kg and hence cannot be equipped onto a mech.