New weapon Idea: "COOLER BOMB"


This basically has almost the same stats as the HEAT BOMB, slight difference. (This one popped in my head, so had to let it out)


  • Weight 50
  • Explosive Damage 30-50
  • Cooling Damage 400
  • Range 2 - 4
  • One use
  • Cooling Cost 200

So, what do you say? You like it or not?

  • Yes, I like it
  • No, I don’t like it
  • Awesome idea, yet needs to be tweaked
  • I’m not sure

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What is “Cooling cost” ?


Subtracting the Cooling amount on your mech.


i said yes because, yes death to all heaters :slight_smile:


Heaters are already dead oof


Look, I don’t want to put you down, but this is an utterly broken weapon. You can’t set a mechs cool down to one in a single blast.

I’m sorry but it just won’t work.


You know that heaters would eat up your cooling even faster ?

And I totally agree with Misfit here


not all


you’d be using your own though


I had to get this one out of my head, right when it popped out. You can put it down all you want. I just want to get others opinion… This actually be cool though…


Yes, it’d be so cool to run around with 800 cooling


Explain please because i don’t understand what you mean.


You say death to heaters, but heaters would use this weapon, eating up half~almost all your cooling in one shot…

VR on steroids


The weapon uses the cooling of the user to work…

that’s why he put cooling cost and not cooling dmg


How about a cooling weapon that can be used when shutdown? Instead of destroying cooling, this one cools you down in exchange for losing hp. For example, you are shut down with 750 heat and only 330 heat cap and 180 cooling after getting heatbombed. U are given the option to use this weapon, which can remove 550 heat, when you are shutdown. You have no turns, but your drone can fire, and you lose 275 hp.


Half of it…

Remember, if Heat Bomb and EMP had roughly the same elemental damage as cost, that’s for a reason…


There’s some idea, but I doubt it would have good end in the current game…^^


This could help people in the lower ranks without maxed heat modules who have to fight boilers with energy and phys mechs.


yeah i’d just run 2 heat with a ton of cooling that’s all :wink:

Ps. my answer was only for kicks and giggles from the start