New Video Contest - help needed

Greetings, Pilots!
I have a really nice idea for a video to post for the Tacticsoft Contest. But I will not be able to do it without your help, and I mean as many players as possible. Here is the deal:
I will ask you to save screenshots of your top kek mechs, fully fused, as you use them in the ladders. I would like the myth maxxed (black) mechs, but I also need some other colors. Screenshot them in the following way:

So I will need the shots of mechs as seen from the left side and from the right side. Ideally, each player sends me two screenshots, seen from the left and right. And I really care for variety of weapons and torsos, so if you have something maxxed, but you do not use it, also screenshot it, please! Send your screenshots as PMs in the forum, or you can also send them to [email protected].
Now, rewards for help:
Anyone, who sends me full black mechs in this format, will be featured in the credits, along with the screenshot of the mech.
All other players, who send me lower rank screenshots, will be included in the credits.
And I tell you, this video will rock! But only with your help, guys. So, get your monsters to the field and start shooting!
P.S. I would thank you for more free space around the mech, like range 2, 3. Melee is a bit to close to the enemy, and range 4-8 is too small a figure…


If a lot of people will part take in 1 video , will everyone get the same rewars tho? @Sarah247

Hahaha! Your active participation in the movie will be limited to displaying the image of the mech acting as one of movie characters… In most of the cases… This is where the element of surprise comes in… So nope, I am the director, screenplay writer and producer.

Can i send the screenshot of painted mech?(blue)

Sure! It will be most welcome! Colors do add variety to the video!

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So greedy mordulec , very greedy . Oof

LOL, you made my day! Cheers, mate!

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what about white?

Damn it, guys, I say colors are good. Do not ask me about each and every color of the rainbow! Just send.

Maybe message @Fluxeon he is brown :slight_smile:

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I hope all players participate. I guarantee, you will have fun. There is more to this than only screenshots…


I hope there’s a Shyamalamadingdong twist to it.

hahaha … Look at a beautiful scene !! The moment it jumps with his seraph…

I will try to get it with BB

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Let’s see if that’s right … (I´ve a special affection for this mech, because it was a gift from Metre)

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