New version shield idea:

There legacy 20% shield is OP…
I thought could make new shield in game.
Here’s the stats
Energy shield ( common, rare range )

[details=Energy shield common stats] 10 kg
5% damage absorb
1 energy per 1 damage[/details]

[details=Energy shield rare stats] 10 kg
10% damage absorb
5 energy per 4 damage[/details]

Super energy protector ( epic, legendary, mythical range )

[details=Super energy protector epic stats]10 kg
15% damageabsorb[/details]

[details=Super energy protector legendary stats ] 10 kg
20% damage absorb
3 energy per 2 damage[/details]

[details=Super energy protector mythical stats ] 10 kg
25% damage absorb
2 energy per 1 damage[/details]

Heat shield ( common, rare range )

[details=Heat shield common stats] 8 kg
5% damage absorb
1 heat per 1 damge[/details]

[details=Heat shield rare stats] 8 kg
10% damage absorb
5 heat per 4 damage[/details]

Super heat protector ( epic, legendary, mythical range)

[details=Super heat protector epic stats] 8 kg
15% damage absorb
4 heat per 3 damage[/details]

[details=Super heat protector legendary stats] 8 kg
20% damage absorb
3 heat per 2 damage[/details]

[details=Super heat protector mythical stats ] 8 kg
25% damage absorb
2 heat per 1 damage[/details]

News: Change Super heat/energy protector to epic-mythical range

Is this a good idea?
Here’s the poll:

  • Yes
  • No

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A nice idea but it’s a bad idea to have legendary-mythical ones.


Maybe the shield work on epic-mythical or all five ranges?

No, if you want to avoid the OP-ness of the shields, simply have them nerfed.

Overall to the poll, No. We don’t need more over powered (even by a bit) gear in the game that will only really help the top tier players.

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Lets bring back 5 min battles

Plz no


No shields! Just delete this slot and end this topic.

It is a good ideea, but the stats of them are just to big.
Keep in mind that a 20%-30% dmg absortion paored with a myth protector and some hp plates will rended phis builds useless. Since most phis wepons are limited use, beeing able to fully tank 2 anihilations( and recive 100ish dmg from them), while having 2000 ish hp, will make that build unbeatable.
Ex: 2615 hp, with myth protector 81 res and shield(20%) will take only 119 dmg from a 280 dmg shot if anihilation. That means he can tank 6 anihilation shots and drone and still have around 1500 hp.


Maybe heavier weight and 25%+ absorb?

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Or just end shield…

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This would be the best course of action to take. Get rid of shields, even the ones top tier players have.

Being unable to acquire it anymore, it should’ve long been removed. Provides too much of an unfair advantage.

Shields add diversity of builds and strats to the game, i would like to see them back in the game, balanced of course.