New version Out Today - On Andriod & Web


Hey Pilots,
Today we released a new version with stability and bug fixes.
The version was only released on Andriod and Web. We hope to release iOS in the coming days.
Also, get excited for some new features later in the week…


Please tell me that you guys have fixed the random app quitting on Android…It’s killing me…
Also,could you give us a hint of what’s going to come?
Maybe a new item or a feature?


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

They’re going to break something again, it would be nice if it didn’t last a day like in v 11.3 :disappointed_relieved:




Wow stable update and big fixes.
Now we are waiting for optimization XD


I thought that it crashes bcz my phone is not powerfull enough


Lol that gif is just like me



Where I can get Andriod, guys? Is it cheap?


Samsung is an android phone.

Anything that isnt by apple is android


I got a bug when mounting mechs, one of the legs loses the color…


if you look closely sarah247 wrote andriod.


Nice job!

You translated more text :smiley:
But wrong…


stop who did said raid finished?!


@Sarah247 @Mohadib

Yes well done!

But we are forgetting something very important,
Obtaining items to help us improve our mechs …

The error of not getting boxes on the map persists,
and after playing vs, only every 6 fights with luck comes out.

Without receiving items, progress is slower,
it harms us all to a greater or lesser extent.

Do something as soon as possible, please.
Thank you


Hahahaha is tuning :joy:



Probs, item tech tree and specialized item boxes.
There is a thread somewhere about getting emailed about 2 new feature.
And another thread about tech tree and specialized boxes for new player. (testing)


do not get the percentage buff right?