What’s new:
- New and Improved Visuals throughout the game!
* Item Cards have a fresh new look
* VS Screen revamped
- Updated Settings Menu
- Various bug fixes including:
* Mech Overweight
* Battle Freezes

If you are playing on Andriod or iOS please make sure you update your version.

Comment below any feedback you have about this version! :slight_smile:



That’s why my ingame looks weird :stuck_out_tongue:


Weird in a good way I hope :slight_smile:


It is :smiley:


Very good and speedy client at least in flash version…! (Will see my android version later)

One small nagging note though…

Since you changed cards and revamped graphics on items, Why not adding on item display the missing
stats like Max Heat Damage and Cooling damage etc. and the inventory sorting/new items indicators?


Cards look good now but options looked better earlier.


I do not see anything new, I have to delete cookies and cache to be able to see?


do a full browser refresh ctrl-F5 on the page. That worked for me without deleting cache or cookies.

Upon loading and on login screen you should see at bottom left Version 2510_ instead of 2420_


What do you think about post nr.1216? And overal about colours.


The new visuals look cool.

Searching for opponents look nice. Wouldn’t it be better to retain the big “cancel” button at the center of your mech’s image, rather than hiding it at the corner? It gives the impression that you have no choice but to face an opponent whenever you click on the ladder battles - accidental or otherwise. But I do like the idea of showing your active mech when searching. I was able to quickly cancel a search when I saw I had the wrong mech up.

Any chance that the item sorting will be worked on in the coming updates? And what about returning the “NEW” tag for items recently obtained? OK, these are not new features, but rather old features that were removed. They were very useful and helpful, though, and made gameplay more comfortable. I hope returning them would be placed under consideration for the next update…


Illuminance pointed out to me that the Modules Box was removed… WHY?
New players would have more difficulty building mechs without easy access to modules… :confused:


Very very gg guys !!! Finnaly !!!

congratulation and TY !!!

No more “Battle Freezes”, no more games lost for nothing.
This for me is already a big step forward. In order to play more peacefully.

Very well, thanks bye


It’s only on my mobile. There ain’t nothing new on my laptop through firefox internet.


What? Firefox is actually still a thing? Huh…


I use Firefox too, but I will not delete the caches and cookies to see the new update as it is not necessary :stuck_out_tongue:


I normally never have to delete anything except Flash Data
in the cookies site data section just kill this 1 entry and doesn’t effect any of your other entries.

Seems with the new Supermechs update they also fixed the save login pass and username that didn’t work for me the past few months.


Hi Sarah, could you please let developers know that the Mechs with tractors are still stepping ugly in pvp games? They should have moved smoothly just as in the 7th version . Thanks in advance.


@cc9916 thanks for letting us know. I will tell them.