New Version is Out - Hard and Insane modes!


A New Version is here!

We are excited for this one.

  • NEW! 3 types of difficulty levels with every mission. Complete them for bigger rewards.
  • Improved item sorting in the workshop!
  • Visual improvements
  • Use Fuel to play missions. Your fuel will regenerate over time.
  • Bug Fixes
    - Users were able to join a clan without being invited or approved
    - Various other bugs

Reply with your feedback!
Good Luck



wow!!! trying it right now :rabbit:


The Update Is Great Overall And Maybe You Could Just Reduce The Refill Time!


regen of fuel is sooo long… 30mins only for 1 point… i spend the 15 points on 4 misions… so i need wait 8 hours to do another 4 misions???

at least the battlepoints of old game can be purchased with sm… but now with tokens for refill…

i dont know what other people think, but…

at least the sorted workshop is welcome :blush:


Nice, GG guys.

All attempts to improve and stimulate the game are welcome!
Personally, I like very much the reorganization of items in upgrade, especially the modules. Ummm very very good. It needed reorganization weight-based division. Very GG !!!
Well, keep doing this … I hope also on other fronts … as you already know! :wink:


battle system is more soft too, nice :open_mouth: no more lag… :rabbit:


Thanks for the feedback.
We changed the Fuel to 7 minutes a unit.
Enjoy :wink:


This new version is great- so much more to do! But like other people, I do also believe the refuel time is too long :frowning:


Oh yes there I see a bit of hope :smiley:



see…? I prophesied with my hunch that you would :smiley: … AND I WAS RIGHT!!!

NI NI NI :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Great Version … Even the debug log is Better!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gratz on the Dev Team for the effort and overall result and on the Community team(especially @Sarah247 ) that does the hard work to protect the Dev team from the flames of the players and Translating our raw requests to the Dev Team!

Job Well done!


I see there’s a chance

But still …


thanks, that make better the campaing…


Great to see the clan thing fixed…


Thank your organizing the shop. Awesome. :slight_smile:


When will this take effect on mobile?


its ready on, if you dont see it, reinstall or make the update on store :rabbit:


First kill of First Insane boss

He cry one sea after this… :sob:
yay :rabbit: