New Valentine's Day token sale


Who want to buy tokens…

I want FREE BOXES!!!


they used the poster from last years’ vday.

Theyre THAT lazy to make a new one



I hope no one falls for this nonsense.


too late… and guess what… really just guess what happened?


Enjoy your 25% bonus ghost tokens! Maybe you can buy some ghost boxes with it and get some ghost items. :slight_smile:


Is it just me or are the prices and number of tokens still the same as normal


bingo!!! i didn’t get them!!!
The 25% is not real, like the rabbit said… ghost tokens!!!


25% sale tokens up your ass


TS is my hero. They make the biggest scam and always get away with it. Maaan, they are good.


10 PM


Don’t worry if you don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend on valentine’s day. TS fakks you in the azz anyway :slight_smile:


Last year vday


2 rabbits a day keeps the scammers away!


Sales of discounted tokens are advertising for credit cards.

Those who buy by other means of payment, we never have tokens discounts, it´s only for those who use paypal.

So discounts for some, yes, and for others, no. It’s not fair.


These are legacy items lmao


The purchase was done with paypal… and i got sheet discount.
The discount dosnt work.


Get your legal teams ready. :slight_smile:


Well, I don´t buy with Paypal. So for me (and for all those who don´t use paypal), there is no discount.

Thank you. Try your luck again.


They are going to fix this soon. Maybe next week or next month we’ll have another valentine’s day with the fixed version.