New Update? What?

I go away for a weekend and it all goes to shit?
what is this new update, is it good?
from i can see it is pretty rubbish

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.

If you like playing in campaign to get upgrade fuel - then that part of the game has gone down the drain!

I thought campaign was not broken… why bother fixing something that seems to be working fine?

The TS plan

“Get everyone to quit so we can have the server to ourselves then we can make some real money with the new Pachinko game”


thank you thank you thank you, i did not really need this shit that TS has given me but oh well

Its since been stated that the lower drop rates were a glitch that has since been fixed though right? From what I gather the actual update wasnt all that significant.

Not much, you can grind faster, since the boxes you pick up the reward is instantaneus.
A few visual glitches, specialy the nnoying one whe you lvl up… and it give you lvl 0.
The glitch where you were stuck in missiom complete loop.
The glitch with the new drone… sometimes you would reacrivate it during combat… and it did t fire.
Things like that.