New/Update the Maps?

Righto so Stark was talking in our chat and he brought up a good idea (imo).

Back when Mars, Fantasy, and Galaxy were released they had large numbers of players flocking to check them out, a new map or an update to an old map could easily get new and old players interested.

EDIT: @elcent and I talked for a bit on skype about this. He brought up a really cool idea of taking the Fantasy map and turn it into a Twisted Earth. Shown below is an example @elcent found that I think with a little tweaking (a little more land in places) could be a really cool map. Fantasy suffers from annoying water (water in general isn’t bad imo, but in fantasy it just is silly for it to be there) and from the islands killing competiton (ex. 2 teams just plant on either side and then duke it out in the middle until one fks up)

Old Blurry version

  • Add this map
  • Add this map with changes
  • Keep the current one
  • Different Map Idea (explain)

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I agree, we need new maps like Galaxy. It will rejuvinate the game give it a fresh start.

P.S. Add a poll so we can see if this idea is popular or not :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile:

We’ll see if it gains traction or not.

Maybe rotating maps?


Nice concept. I do like the idea of another Earth sized map with strategic hold points. Mars and fantasy both lack those good choke points which really make eras immensely more interesting

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Yeah! Earth has so many that can be abused in serious play, and make Earth a more competitive and enjoyable map. Mars makes up for its lack of choke points by having so much land yet so little room, making it almost impossible not to fight someone. Fantasy just kind of just large islands, although it is unique in its play-style that makes it fun (I’ve won the most on Fantasy :slight_smile: ) it would be nice to have 2 maps with choke points. Maybe like Feitan said, we could have a rotating Fantasy map, switching from a choke point one to the island one, or maybe they could resurrect F5 and have a go there.

We all have our preferences but the different maps bring out different play styles. Example of Mars having no natural borders causes nonstop war. Adding new maps honestly hasn’t shown to cause a large increase in players as far as I am aware. I would prefer the development team to focus on fixing and adding to our existing game before they take up adding brand new maps.


Really love this idea, I was actually going to make a post about the possibility of a new map being introduced. Most definitely will need tweaking, but thats where the community comes in. This game needs something new to spice it up, and along with other small tweaks and improvements coming in the near future I feel like this is a step in the right direction for rebuilding interest in Battle Dawn.

A contest could be held for possible new map designs with rewards for the best ones, maybe an event could even be held on a map designed by the community? The designs don’t need to be extremely detailed as i’m sure not everyone is a top notch graphic designer, however im sure sparks of ideas could lead to something interesting. I’m sure if there are any limitations when it comes to map designs when it comes to the development side.

EDIT: The current maps are also due for an update. Maybe some tweaks can be made to these to make them more visually pleasing and fun to play. This game hasn’t seen a visual/map update in a very long time, however I get that there are limitations with using the flash engine.


I agree with G that new maps usually don’t bring in an increase in players, just that the 1 world will have a temporary increase as everyone will want to check it out. I’m more interested in creating new strategies based on map layout. But as G said, if I had to pick and choose between a new map or some new content entirely to help improve the game, this isn’t top on my priority list.

And the maps themselves will never be super realistic. It’s a background. I mean, they could get more indepth I guess when you zoom in and out, but I’d consider the graphics of the game a lower priority over the gameplay itself right now.

Perhaps make a new topic for this, but why do the current maps need an update? Is there something about them that doesn’t look as good?

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Whoa whoa what. I don’t think the graphics need to be updated at all! I’ve said this in other posts that have brought up graphics that BD is fine as it is. The problem is not with graphics, it’s about the map itself. The way it’s designed imo hurts competition. I’ve played more fantasy out of any world, so I guess my ideas could help (I’m not a Dev tho so I don’t really know) and when I have the time I can send you a list on skype or what I think is wrong with it and how it can be changed for the better(bit busy atm tho)

i dont think the maps are bad
they’re actually very very good

earth has amazing choke points

mars is chaotic

fantasy is somewhat in the middle

its just become routine for most of the players tho


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super cool map. 10/10 would totally implement

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I thought I was the only one that couldn’t load it. Thanks @Carter, and his compatriot @NotCarter


oh damn it broke, oh well ill try to find it

it looked like a broken earth with a fantasy theme, it was pretty cool :sun_with_face:

Managed to find the image on google but the original has been taken down so could only get a small blurry version :unamused:

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oh well

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Found a colour version of the same map… this place might exist :confused:

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Looks like some kids alternate earth/world sorta map, still cool tho :slight_smile: