New Update - Optimizing Mission Flow


it still SUKS…


This game is going die within the next six months. I’ve seen two other game companies do this exact same thing. Convert a f2p into a pay 2 win casino game just to milk as much money as they can. Neither of them is in business anymore. Of course they hope players will love the new casino they made. Buy some tokens and roll the dice hoping to get something valuable in return. Except they don’t have to follow any payout regulations, so they can tighten up the “slot machine” as much as they like. I understand they need to make a profit, but to tear down a game that a lot of people were already happy with just seems counterproductive. Could have just taken some of the millions already made by this game and advertised it more.

Oh, and thanks for shoving Ads in between every other loading screen on the PC version since this last update too! Even though i have spent money, I guess I need to spend more to make those go away. -.-

And another issue: When I’m in campaign or PvP and have a full inventory, it says it will save the box, but it never shows up in unclaimed boxes. It’s happened like 5 times now.


It’s getting worse, at least last night and this morning.
I’m lucky if I get 50% chance at a mix box at all.
Out of 26 plays on Ramboy only ended up getting 12 MIX boxes (NO Fortune box) and an empty fuel tank :rage:


I feel ya!!! like i said in another post they fix 1 or 2 things and create others then we get stuck…:scream::no_mouth:


Could you guys do this with the box opening stuff too? Because it takes forever to open a box and click on every single item and then I need to click on the OK too. It just takes forever and it makes no sense. If somebody wants to click on every single item just to turn the card there should be an option to that. But I would love if I open a box it just shows me the items I got and then I can click on the OK… or just simpy click somewhere in the page.


Hi all, I’m new in this forum, because I registered just to say


(on Android version as well.) and +1 to all posts above reg drop rate.
Thank you in advance!