New Update - Optimizing Mission Flow


Im pretty sure it seemed like the rates looked a bit off for me on phone not because they changed, but because i constantly got stuck in the loop, and i wasnt receiving boxes as fast since i had to wait for it to calm down and finish the mission


Today I played 4 insane BB and I only got box 2 times, it’s the first time that happens to me since the big update !!
In 1 of the 2 opportunities the “fortune box” came out, and I only had 2 rares. It is also the first time this happens to me !!

I believe that the campaign has definitely been downgraded.


Hum i’m a hard grinder, i can tell if the thing are the same or not, that’s why i invite them to check my account. I read the answer from sarah, that’s why i reply to the post because it’s obvious things are not the same :wink: even if it’s true that epics from regular box are not guaranteed and are pretty rare, i got at least one for the same number of runs i did.


Im glad that the quality of these updates haven’t changed tho. We can benefit from their mistakes again. :wink:


Well, boxes seem to be dropping regularly now. Thanks for the fix. The game seems faster for grinding.

Is it true that the drop rates were not changed? Good.

Thanks @Sarah247 for the info.


Ok finally find out what’s happening and i should now apologize. So, sorry! It seems some rewards goes directly to the inventory without opening a box. I used most of my epic to clear my inventory because it was really hard to know exactly what i had in it. The result, when that did i go to my usual bb run and wait for a no box run and find out coming back to my inventory that an epic appear from nowhere. So, please accept my apologize to jump on conclusion too quickly, i can assume that the other no drop run was something like that.


No worries!
Glad everything is ok now :slight_smile:


I once got a fortune box with 3 rares before the update. I was surprised, too…

But I think that is the nature the fortune box… Luck.

We just rolled a bad number. :slight_smile:


yes, all it is good now.
Befor, when we didn’t get boxes on each run, it was because of the bug.
When you didn’t get the box, that was supposed to be a fortune box… but you didnt get any cause f the bug.
Now things are good, alot faster grinding, a improvement …like i say a stept in the right direction.
But we have to admit, that if things remained the same… it looked pretty grim for evrybody.
And we were quick to get the forks and tourches… but @Sarah247, handled it like a hero.
Not all heroes were capes :slight_smile:

and also to another hero:


Can you say for a fact that Sarah isnt sitting behind her computer right now while wearing a cape?


can’t say that mate… can’t even say if i wore pants today at work… bu these things really go unoticed.
But i will say this, on mobile the isue isn’t really soved… still getting blank boxes(no box)


Its false

Checked BB:
normal - instead of two rare pack three items, two of them were commons.
Hard - even worse, one empty, the rest 50/50 - a lot of garbage commons.
Insane - two in a row without boxes, so let rename it to mindless.
Epic zero.
normal gave one wonder of rare.
I recall that one rare - 440, and common only 110

And I fundamentally curious - if not raised in the forum the noise from the players, this skewed update would have remained unpatched?

UPD and more insane BB after three set - ONLY ONE WITH BOX - rare+common TWO ITEMS.

and what the hell kind of reward is the difference between hard and Insan 1000 coins, of 11.5 K hard and to insane 12.5 K?

UPD2 and another empty insne with 12.7k…

to hell with them with 14 of fuel, stopped to test, and so it is understandable that full of < censorshit >


Is such a bug not worthy of an apology from the development team?
How would such a bug be missed during pre update testing?
Are you going to address the false information provided regarding rewards?


Huh… 2 bigboy missions with no item drops… did I get invisible fortune boxes? (On mobile)


Despite insisting that they didn’t change the drop rate for boxes, they most definitely lowered the drop rate of boxes. It was around 99% and now it’s somewhere around 75% chance for normal Bigboy. I’ve heard it’s about the same for Ramboy, but I haven’t tested Ramboy for myself.

Other changes I’ve noticed since patch are:
Fortune Boxes (Black boxes) from Bigboy now have 2 items. They had 3 items before the update.
Fortune Boxes (Black boxes) from Bigboy now appear to have lower rarity of items. Since the update I’ve gotten numerous all rare boxes and several boxes with 1 rare 1 common. Before the update I never got a common and only very rarely got all rare items.
Twice I’ve gotten a mix box from Bigboy with 3 items instead of 2.

Bugs I’ve noticed:
Sometimes after completing a mission it will say you’re getting a box and then not give you the box.


Five insane bigboy row - 0 boxes!!! WTF


As @Sarah247 said, “It was a bug, but now all is fine and works as intended…” Welcome to SM, broh…


If you want to kill SM

  1. No boxes - ready
  2. No gold - not ready
  3. No experience - not ready
    When did this happen?


1 day later …

  • do @mumumusad lie ?

  • what reason he would have for ?

  • update / changes … now … something was changed OR an update with no changes ?


P.S.: most of the games have “Full Changelog” where you can read every single detail they changed !
P.P.S.: to think players are kinda “stupid” and will not notice bad changes for them … what I should think about that ?


I don’t know the exact percentage of Bigboy giving a box on normal, as that will require a lot more data, but of the runs I’ve done so far today I’ve gotten 18 boxes in 27 runs. It would have been 19 boxes, but I got the bug where it says you’re going to give you a box and then doesn’t once.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Do some Bigboy runs and see for yourself.