New Update - Optimizing Mission Flow


I lead and manage 2 top 6 clans on kongregate, we have worked together over the past months to accept and deal with these changes…

i have 20 paying players ready to walk away. I have 28 hard core grinders giving up… There is no encouragement i can give them. you need to give people a reason to grind. as of now they have no hope.

your move. if you don’t respond to this in some satisfactory way - i will encourage this group to leave. and find the next game. right now i am holding them together barely.


well said


Here’s a better idea - if it ain’t broken… don’t fix it. :slight_smile:

I am not really sure about the direction the game is going. :expressionless:


Seems like this Optimization reduced the drop rates of even basic boxes. Why was this done? You are making it even more difficult for F2P to grind away at upgrading their items.


I know the direction…

Here I’ll give you a hint: It’s the opposite of up. :slight_smile:


I’m not getting the good deals like I use to get for tokens
I miss this deal and haven’t got it in a while :v


Well now upgrading to a full lvl 50 mythical… seems to be a far far far away place.
Even for paying players… not going to come any time soon.
What are the payers gonna do? Use epics that cost 75 token a piece?
Or i am smelling the comeback of powerkits for tokens.
Well i guess this will force the hoarders of powerkits to start using them, and not stockpile anymore in the event they stumble upon some dream OP wepons.


Now I remember why I barely played campaign in the previous SM version as opposed to this version - the item drops.

I guess it’s back to PvP rewards, now, eh? And also buying boxes.

But, yeah… A full maxed mythical mech seems to be farther away now. :frowning:


ok but like, gold was hella easy to get as is. The issue is items to use to fuse. Does anyone know of the best way of getting trash items without buying it? (Im a poor people) or best place to farm items after the update?



Thank you. Link to where i can download that?



Hmm. Idk if it worked. It just zoomed into the download button. Its bugged maybe?


Yes it must be a bug for sure… maybe this can help:


You guys are being extremely helpful today. What’s the catch?



Hey everyone,
I checked with the team.
The chance to get boxes has NOT changed with the new update. We double and tripled checked that everything was set up correctly.
However, we did have a bug that players were not getting the fortune box. This has since been fixed.


When i was playing from my computer it seemed like the drop rate didnt change but when i was playing from my phone, drop rates did look a bit weird. And i got stuck in a mission to the point where i would log out, log back in and show up in the refreshing loop. Still unable to play on my new account because im stuck (i made a free account where i was gonna see what it felt like to play for free, but ended up coming across a couple of those $50 deals, and one thing led to another… and here i am back at square one. )


Well, thanks for checking and for your answer sarah but it’s obvious that the box drop rate has changed. I invite you to check on my account (Nyx-3382). I did the exact same as usual, bigboy on hard mostly and : box drop rate has decreased (it seems a bit better today, but was at 50% yesterday), didn’t get any epic from bb box at all since the update. Perhaps we are not playing on the same version? Perhaps the patch didn’t apply correctly. But it’s a fact that things aren’t the same as before the patch. Best regards!


Myos, please be patient. The drop rates have not changed.

In the cases you did not get a box (the 30%) it is most likely when you got a fortune box but because of the bug, it did not give you anything. Please update your app or restart your game and try again. It should be fixed.

Im not sure why you would be expecting an epic from a regular box (those are not guaranteed in the regular drop box) but if you meant fortune boxes, please read Sarah’s response thoroughly.