New Update - Optimizing Mission Flow


What’s New:

  • Optimize the mission flow - We wanted to reduce the number of taps player have to do in the mission and make the results screens more clear to players. You will now see your Gold and XP rewards accumulate after each battle. Your total Mission rewards will be collected after a Mission victory or defeat.

  • Different missions difficulties give higher rewards - it is now worth more to grind in higher diffculties.

Bug Fixes -

  • Players were seeing level 0
  • Claiming box after last boss


Thank you for informing us of the changes, Mohadib.

However, boxes seem to be more rare than before during Campaign missions, if not dropping all together.

The rewards are still less than what it is advertised before beginning a mission. For example, Mission 8 of Overlords Den advertises that it rewards 20700 coins and 5600 exp, yet the net reward is 12766 coins and 4316 exp.

Could you please confirm if the net rewards are intended and falsely advertised or if this is a bug and if it’s going to be addressed in a timely manner. Could you also please confirm if the drop chance of boxes has been reduced during Campaign missions.

Thank you.


Finished bigboy campaign but game disconnects. I am stuck. Will post bug report.


I like the part where you now don’t have to spam click the reward boxes anymore, but what the heck happened to the guaranteed box at the end of a boss mission??



10 big boy only got 1 Mix box with 2 commons its a joke ???


Please fix the drop rates…

Where is the guaranteed reward boxes?

The faster gameplay is appreciated


So now fter tons of us have started to invest into this game you really ruin it
why so much fuel if we cant get boxes for it
every time when SOME OF US have spent HUNDREDS to support your site.
I FARM CAMPAIGN so do thousands if its not fixed i will be reporting to all kong players to leave
im well enough known to drop your players from kong to almost nothing in matter of hours.
NOW ive been telling ppl to join these boxes need to stay where they drop everytime or its simple
lose thpusand of income and kongregates support


Cant get season reward

  1. That’s an error.Error: redirect_uri_mismatchThe redirect URI in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. Visit to update the authorized redirect URIs.


more errors on this update too
might want to start testing these before just ruining the game with problems


now guaranteed box is guaranteed in Insane mode…so nice!!!
I just farm Lost valley boss and Danger zone in Insane, one “shitty box” each
5 Big Boy missions in normal and hard, nothing…


I will also like to point that that statement is false and miss leading. The rewards are the same as before the update. The rewards for the Hard difficulty of Overlords Den mission 8 are identical.

Truly disappointed that we are constantly being lied to and deceived.


Nope, no guaranteed anything now. Chances of a box dropped to around 20-25%, and it’s the same junk box that we get from before.


Cannot get fortune box from boss of first area anymore? This is very bad. You should have just changed the odds of what the actual fortune box gives us… You would have got away with that. Taking it away completely is too much - it was the only good part of the game! I will probably quit because of this part of the update. The changes to the gameplay of campaign are good, just put back the fortune box chance!


I emailed support one week ago about the rewards advertised incorrectly in campaign. They responded to other queries I sent the same day but ignored that one. On Ramboy it gives 290 exp but advertises 400 for hard. This is unacceptable and should have been fixed with the update! Instead of fixing that they have reduced the chance of getting any box and removed the fortune box completely. I think this game is not for me. Its a shame because I enjoy it and have spent a bit of money and have more to spend… I do not accept being ignored by support and updates like this one designed to frustrate players! @Mohadib you lie in this post! Nothing is “more worthwhile” after this update - all “grinding” is LESS worthwhile. I do not need to be squeezed like that. Goodbye to Supermechs after one and a half weeks! I cannot farm for less than I was farming for yesterday, just won’t do it. So I quit.


This Update is really killing the game. Before it was optional to pay, which some did.
But now it is Pay to Play, no more pay to win.
Undo that quick, or there wont be much player left.
Grinding is not an option now, If at least Bosses on Insane drop one Epic guaranteed. But nah, wasting fuel for nothing is just a major ■■■■ up.
One Bossrun = at least one Item. THATS what is gaming.
But now? Really, i want to name you the F and C word.


Tacticsoft makes one “cutting-players”-update after the next (in series), and you really wonder why the players are thinking negative about SuperMechs ???

And to top that, you try to hide it with nice words, which describes the converse !?

It’s NOT us players being negative, its tacticsoft ifself, making the players thinking negative about your OWN game !

Did you ever tried the opposite way ?

What is bad about making your players happy about your game ?

Cutting all players again and again, trying to force them to pay, is one thing.
It makes most of the player unhappy about your own game.

Giving your players good stuff, good options, also to f2p players WOULD be the other thing !
It WOULD make most of the players happy about your own game !

You ever tried it ?

You don’t want happy players ?

P.S.: it would bring you even MORE money, but yes you dont know that, because you never tried it !

P.P.S.: you spent sure a bunch of time for this update, is it possible that you use a little bit of this time to give us the weekly reward we played FOR the WHOLE week ?



the perverbiale computer games technical difficulties. fix the game, but find out the fine tunes after people complain all day???:grinning::laughing::


worth more?, right, more complaints


Well, very well… I was tired of those “tap tap tap tap” after each mission to get a really small amount of gold (i WAS farming at Ramboy to get a box 99% of the times or a fortune box)

"Re-balanced the campaign rewards per mission difficulty"
Really??? Nice joke HAHAHAHAH! HAHAHA! I can’t stop laughing HA HA HA!