New update, old problems, new solutions

So Super Mechs got a big and controversial update. Bottom line, it’s here to stay, but there are some legacy issues that are not working well with the new update, and it would be good to address them. In this thread, I’ll focus on the problems of multiplayer under the new update but still using old rules, and propose a solution to fix these issues.


  1. Players instantly quitting matches is rampant. This stems from the huge imbalance in power level of the new items, where epic Mechs are meaningless when fighting against legendary Mechs, and legendary Mechs are equally pointless when facing fully upgraded mythic Mechs.
    Epic mechs at a glance typically have 1000 or less HP, weapons that deal 200 or less damage.
    Legendary mechs at a glance typically have 1000 to 1500 HP, weapons that deal 200 to 300 damage.
    Mythic mechs at a glance typically have 2000+ HP, weapons that deal 300+ damage.
    And of course the amount of energy, regen, heat, and cooling scales at the same pace across Epic, Legendary, and Mythic levels.

  2. Reward system is underwhelming. Weekly clan winners currently receive an epic item, which is pretty insulting given the amount of new mythicals wielded by this top 0.1% of players.

  3. Items that have no potential to upgrade to mythic level, let alone legendary level, are absolute worthless trash with no possible use and only serve to clog up a dangerous bottlenecked limited inventory space system.

  4. New players and free-to-play players, the lifeblood and majority population of any game, are completely being shit on by the new system. If you aren’t paying huge amount of tokens to buy legendaries, and spending more tokens to buy gold so you can upgrade those items to their maximum potential, you’re going to die. Horribly and swiftly and pretty much every single time.

Solution to all these problems:

Implement a systems of leagues to multiplayer.

What is a league? Think of this as lightweight, mediumweight, and heavyweight like in boxing. Although in SuperMechs, this is not weight based, every league still uses 1000 weight Mechs.
When you build a Mech, when it is finished building it is assigned to a league automatically. If all of your tiems torso, legs, weapons, and even including utility items such as coolant mods and drones, are all of EPIC (purple dot) quality, you are assigned to the Epic League. In the Epic league, you will only ever queue up against Mechs who are also qualify for the Epic League.

For example in this picture, my old Mythical Mech was assigned to Mythic because even old Mythics are still Mythic, sorry old Mech you’re out of luck. The middle Mech is also assigned to Mythic because it uses a Mythic quality torso and 1 Mythic weapon, even if the rest of the Mech is only Legendary/Epic level. The final mech doesn’t use any items higher than Epic quality, so it is assigned to play in the Epic League.

Same rules goes for Legendary (yellow dot), and Mythic (orange dot).

As soon as you have even ONE item that is of quality higher than the league level, you are catapulted into the next league. You can have all fully upgraded epics, but if you think you can cheat the system by having a fully mythic upgraded torso, no you are put into the Mythic League because you are using a Mythic torso.
For mixed Mechs which is typically what everyone is right now, a possible solution: Add another league called ‘mixed league’ which is the disaster area of an arena mode we currently have, meaning any Mechs fight any Mechs.
What does this fix:

  1. It fixes the massive imbalance in power levels that are a result of the new way the game works, and should almost entirely eliminate the problem of players when they take one look at their opponent’s HP, weapons, and stats so they instantly quit.

  2. To fix the problem of lackluster rewards, every league has its own set of rewards. Epic League Clan winners get an appropriate Epic item + Epic power units. Legendary League Clan winners get an appropriate legendary item + legendary power units. Mythic League Clan winners get an appropriate Mythic item + mythic power units.
    Not only are the rewards appropriate for each league, but the total amount of rewards granted per week is tripled. Paying winners of 3 leagues instead of just the one current set of players. Because mythic level players are the most dedicated players (most time and money spent on the game) you may want to consider additional prestigious rewards for players who play, and win, at this highest league level. Perhaps also give out 10/50/100 tokens to Epic/Legendary/Mythic league players. Or something, you get the idea.

  3. Now even those items that don’t have the potential to reach Mythic level have a use. They are required entry play in the Epic league. No legendaries or mythics allowed here, and I believe every single item in the game has at least the potential to become Epic. I might be wrong on this, citation needed.

  4. New players have a safety net to ensure they only fight other new players using similar items to themselves.

  5. As an added bonus, even you, Tacticsoft, is a winner in this situation, because now players who want to play the game to its maximum potential need to buy even more in order to do so. Not only do they need multiple Mythic mechs (the energy build, the heat build, the physical build) but they will also need to build up and maintain Epic quality mechs of all kinds, and also Legendary quality Mechs of all kinds as well. Those 6 Mechs slots should probably be increased to 9, to give enough room for 3 Mechs per League, should a player want to play in every possible league.

The only possible downside I can think of is that this could potentially split the community. But I don’t think that is a problem, because as long as the rewards for each league are worth it, what you will have is all your players try and play in every league anyways. And if someone is hardcore enough that they control the top position in one, two, or even all three leagues? Well fine more power to them, they can have their triple weekly rewards, but I guarantee they opened their wallet up even more to pay for the ability to have enough items and upgrades to win a top position in every single league. Probably spent some money to increase their inventory size too, in order to support 9 fully equipped Mechs.

As a final note, this is actually very similar to your new single player campaign structure. The game has normal, hard, and insane difficulty levels. The difference between these levels is the quality of items your opponents is equipped with. Is it not logical to treat multiplayer in a similar fashion? If you want to beat the insane campaign missions, you better be legendary/mythical. But you can play ‘normal’ mode just fine without needing fully upgraded new mythicals. At the same time, no one with fully upgraded mythicals is wasting time on normal campaign difficulty.


We had that ALL, different categories for battles !

2.5 - 3 years back !

It WAS best SuperMechs EVER !!!

MOST FUN to play !
MOST skillz needed !
MOST balanced !

You could choose low level weapons to fight against same opponents !

That WAS best system ever !

Everybody could choose his own playing level to fight each other in very very very balanced battles !

Guess what ?

It was REMOVED !

No joke !



Mah boi…

You need to chill! :fearful:

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A really good suggestion.
It resembles the old SM league sistem 3 years ago.
It should be brought back.
Verry good my friend, you hit a very important aspect of this game, would give u 2 likes if i could.


Think about it…we already have 6 mech slots available…why the hell not let us use them for this league idea!


Since I’ve deliberating downgrading my Mech, I’ve noticed a lot less people quit outright on me. No real surprise there. I dropped from almost 2k hp to 1666 (funny number), and use the legacy Hot Wheels legs (14 hit points and 45 damage hahah) to further degrade my Mech’s stats.

I’m even less competitive against the new mythics, but oh well it’s not like I had a prayer against them before anyways. At least this way the people on or below my level are much more inclined to actually play rather than instant quit. I can’t even imagine how many tokens I’d need to acquire, and upgrade, the best new mythics. I dumped 2000 tokens just into gold to upgrade and all I have to show for that 3 million gold is several level 40 legendaries and 2 not fully upgraded mythics.

So I give up on that pursuit, I’ll just play my deliberately bad Mech to play good matches against people also on or near my equipment level, and just resign instantly in the face of fully upgraded new mythics. If you have that equipment, more power to you, enjoy fighting the other full new mythic players but that’s not clearly not for me.

EDIT: Not having players quit on you is especially important because for the first 5 wins of the day, the 5 wins that count towards your daily bonus are worth way more than any wins you earn after the daily is complete. It’s like 8000 gold for a win in the first 5 games, and 1700 for any win after. Experience also scales similarly, but it’s not like experience matters as the level up rewards are so meaningless.


I’ve been playing the game on and off for a week or so now. I started with a new account and purchased the $1 mech that was offered (it comes with an epic torso,legs, and a weapon as well as a few other common weapons). Since then I have gone through a few stages of the campaign. I do farm the campaign as I am stuck at a stage where I cannot beat its boss just yet. I attain new items via the boxes from the campaign and I’ve been boosting my items as I get the common/rares to do so and I have yet to run out of gold or be anywhere near that issue.

I see this more of a problem for old players who have hundreds/thousands of items they are trying to boost through, but it’s not currently a problem for new players from what I have experienced. I have not bought any reds, and only reds given via campaign or achievements/missions have bought me 3 premium boxes.

Trying to catch up with those that are buying their mechs isn’t something that can be done in hours or a day. The new update is built for players to grind and work their way up the ladder. Like most games, if you do not want to spend money to support the developer, you have to work. Why is this a problem for so many players? All the old players started off on the exact same footing as they were on before the update. I’ve heard of players that have possibly abused exploits to get ahead, and I hope those mechs/players are banned and removed. Leaving us again with players on the same footing. Those not willing to spend money but enjoy the concept of this game, should play and grind. It may take weeks or even months to be able to compete right at the top, but this is a game with hundreds of thousands of players(I think), there is competition to be had at all levels.

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Dont worry you are gonna hit the wall faster then you think.
Last boss requiers myth torso and a myth wepon to beat( unless you get 3 hp kits in boxes, but that is 1/4 times).
And once you get myths that is where you are gonna get stuck.
It requiers 600.000 gold for each myth to boost.
You i belive are also low lvl (around 30), you dont have all slot available, last one is opened at lvl 60.
You get around 7-10.000 gold on last boss.
So you need 60-80 succesfull runs to farm a single myth. Energy cost is 10 energy/run. And it takes 7-10 mins/ run. Have in mind that you also have 16 slots/ mech. That isnt hard work it is just insane grinding, you gonna lose interest after 1 week of grinding.
Also your energy is 40-60 energy cap. That means you gonna do a limited nr of runs each day. I say around 12-15 runs. It takes 4-6 days per myth( lets round at 1 week/myth). It takes 16 weeks only to farm a decent mech.Sure maybe you think is free… but is it?Any guy can make 2dollars/h, that is 16dollars/day, 80dollars/week, 960dollars/16 weeks( for a full mech). Do tell me that is free and cheap.
Yes the problem is old players, but not just how you see it, the thousands of items.
It is the problem of value of those items, that were bought, farmed, payed in some form or other, that have lost their value.
The problem is that it was alredy hard work, or hard cash to make thr old mechs, and now they are lost.
Like a fellow member said, fine i have invested 1200 dollars in this game, and now i lost them, i have 2 options now, cough up abother 500-600 dollars to stay at the top, or farm like a monkey for 6 months, for 6 h/ day.He said, no way in hell i’m gonna do that, i quit. See what just happened? Tacticsoft just lost a buyer, because the given options were bad.And that was just 1 buyer, all the top players and payers think like that.
I for instance spent 3600 dollars on this game, in the course of 2 years, that is 1800 per year, 150 dollars per month.nNow all that money is gone, cause all the stuff i have is useless. Do you knwo what i will say at the end of the grace period? When i will still have thousands of items, old fully fused myths that cost alot?
Well unless i see some compensation for what o have spent, in a decent and fair way…
I will just say, bye bye SM, there are other games that can have my money and treat me fair.

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For the first part of your post regarding the insane time and gold required to get a mech up to fully myth. Why is it a problem that it can take 4 months by your estimation to reach this point. This is the plateau of 1v1 combat on the ladder. It shouldn’t be easy or quick to accomplish this. What you also did not address is that there will be hundreds of thousands of players that are also not at this level for you to face off with during the time you work towards your goal. Not all players goal will be to attain the VERY best, I for one have enjoyed the game with just a few epics and rare items and will continue to do so while I work to improve my mech.

Now regarding the part I quote, I am sorry if I didn’t come off as understanding, because you are correct on quite a few points here and I wasn’t thinking of those when I commented earlier. The many items you have worked/paid to attain in the past should not be obsolete. in the new system, you have the advantage of having these items and being able to use them to boost your new mechs, still putting you far ahead of new players or old players that did not put in the time/money as you did in the past.

I see a big problem with the inventory limit and such a short grace period. The game should not punish you for having all of those items but the new update was done in part to upset the past meta so hoarding of items is no longer the norm. You say you spent $150 a month to stay at the top of the ladder, if you continued with this rate of spending, would you not still be at the top of the ladder?(genuine question)

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You think that is fair?
A 600k poweruped old myth cost 12x 50k powerup kits(400 tokens each) that is 4800 tokens, 60 dollars. That are now worth 750 boost points, cause a lvl 1 myth gives 15k boost points and a lvl 16 old myth gives 15750. Fair?
Do try and use the old myths, you wont make it to 3rd boss( with them fully fused).
They are slighly under lvl 30new epics. Like i said useless.
So like i said … option 1, cough up some more cash, pay some more, it doesnt matter that you suported the game so far, we want more.
Yeah sure i could, i could cogh up another 2k dollars tomorow, but for what? So that a new update comes up and erases all?
Dont think so, like i said make my money feel the worth and make me feel like a respected customer, if you dont want to… they i go where i get that respect and fairness.
P.S: now think about it at a wider scale, there are 24 accounts into a top clan, there are at least 4 top clans, with alot of top dollar players. What do you think happens when they all feel like that? And they all feel like that…


I agree 100% !



Well you are exaggerating about not making it to the 3rd boss with fully fused myths as I was able to with just a few epics and some rares. Now as I said earlier I do agree with some of your points. Your old items should not be obsolete in such a fashion. Items that cost you that much work/money before the update should be of similar value to those that cost the money now. Perhaps not the max, as you want something to work towards still, but put you the same level as you were before the update. So those that are new, must spend the time/money as you did in the past to reach your level, and old players have to spend the time/money to get to the newest max. Remember max is relative to the players and their mechs. If no one decides to spend anymore money, the old players would be far ahead until the new players spend the same to catch up.

I hope the SM team is able to find a way to reconcile this for the old players.

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Try it an then we talk. 3rd boss with clasic godmode torso, axe and flames, fully fused, all myth modules and utility, and unless you hit a hp repair kit… you lose.
But i’m glad you see the point in makeing the old items, the ones that got hit the biggest( fully fused myths) usefull in some way.
Cause atm 4800 tokens spent into fully fusing an old myth to count as 750 bost points is insulting.


Just to chime in, that quip from Gaurav about taking months to grind your way to the plateau of 1v1 ladder is actually wrong. No matter how much you grind, you will never get the best mythic items in this game because:

  1. Best mythics (new 3 use blue/red flamer, new death punch, new 300+ hp armor piece, and so on) do not have common/rare/epic levels. They start as legendaries and then have potential to become mythic.
  2. This means you cannot acquire them by any means other than opening premium boxes.
  3. You cannot grind for these new mythics in any way.

This inability for players to grind their way to success only reinforces the need for some kind of league system. Let the players who have all the best stuff because they bought it fight good and fair battles against each other. Dumping everyone else into that same pool of players is only having 1 result: the disadvantaged player instantly quits the obviously unfair fight instantly, leaving the winner with no reward and both players having wasted their time.


i agree, seal clubing with a 2300 hp all myth fully fused mech, against 1200-1800 hp legendary, some myths(not fully fused), isnt fun for neither parties.
Even a type 2 myth(the ones with epic-myth items), doesnt stand a chance against a type 3(legendary-myth) fully fused mech.It usualy loses at 300-500 hp diference, altho is not seal clubing the gap is big.
A league sistem is good, it would help players enjoy the game.


bro you can get legendary item from bigboy insane, well the chance were very low about 1:30?, i just luckily got one, energy storage unit , item that start from legendary.

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Yes, legendarys are possible to get there, BUT my expierence is … 1 or 2 (!) out of 200 boxes !

So 2 possiblities …

  • I am again UNLUCKIEST person on universe (what I am not)
  • the chances for spenders are LOWERED
    … I see no other explanations for that !

WOULD also explain, why the once who cheated this boxes there (for FREE), and are NOT spenders “”“found”"" so many best items there !



I believe we are all being deceived.

Have you read the BD forum? SM is for tacticsoft only one way to raise money for BD.

Surely you have read it. But I’ll see if I get the link. And you draw your own conclusions.


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LoL you got 1 or 2… i got none :(…
Done doing the bigboy on hard, since i only rank up the damn items i try to get rid off…
Instead of old items now i have a hell load of new epic…
Burning them slowly… but it is really ineficient.

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